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15 December 2009

Plan B "Stay Too Long"

So the year ends as it began, with another fine video from Daniel Wolfe

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Dominic Leung

04 December 2009

Trim's Gus Herdman featured in HotShots

This New Stella Artois web film by Augustin Alberdi (Stink/Landia) launched this week. with this 60's inspired Game Show Le Recyclage, C'est Chic. Alberdi's previous films for Stella Artois through Mother London, won three Gold Lions in Cannes this year... To read more and see more origami face-off's and Florence, check out: www.shots.net

Saam and Cheryl

Saam reveals the inspiration for the set design on his double motion control epic for Cheryl Cole. Hopefully the cut looks seamless!
Director: Saam Farahmand
Producer: Paul Weston
Editor: Tom Lindsay
Production Company: Partizan
Commissioner: Ross Anderson
Label: Polydor

23 November 2009

Looking back / in an APA kind of way...

So 2008 was a good year with Psyop's Naturally Pulpy - Orangina
cut by Paul Hardcastle...

But in 2009 we did even better…

Big Red Button's Pablo - COI Drug Awareness cut by Jane Cina

Woof Wan Bau's The Scream - Touran Volkswagen cut by Paul Hardcastle

Garth Jennings’ Breakfast – It’s the Taste - PG Tips cut by Dominic Leung

And not forgetting Adam Berg's Cannes Grand Prix winning - Philips Carousel cut by Paul Hardcastle

Roll on 2010…

20 November 2009

Vampire Weekend "Cousins"

This has been locked down for a while (we finished in August!) and I've been busting to put it on the blog. Shot and edited in 36 hours in a rain soaked New York in July, "Cousins" reunites Vampire Weekend and Hammer & Tongs for an electrifying performance video.
Directing & camera: Garth Jennings @ HAMMER&TONGS
Production & compositing: Nick Goldsmith @ HAMMER&TONGS
Editing and colour grading:
Dominic Leung

12 November 2009

New additions to the Trim family...

Meet Naz and Freddy Wolfgang Jnr...
Email her at us@trimediting.com for any bookings or queries...

23 October 2009

MVA UK Music Video Awards 09

Last week TRIMS’s Tom Lindsay won the Best Editing in a Video award for Oasis’ Falling Down promo – if you haven’t seen it check it out below…

Rather than letting it get to his head, he let WIZ, the director, pick up the award as he was having his eyebrows trimmed…

04 September 2009

Coke Zero 00:00

Strangest and most eventful job of the year so far. Eddie the "actor" had swine flu and was quarantined by the Chinese authorities. The directors, fearful of a similar fate, fled the country. Oh and the camera equipment got nicked. We continued to shoot regardless and somehow managed to get the job in the bag. The trip culminated with Tracey Cooper and I singing Robbie Williams and Backstreet Boys to a room full of lesbians in a Shanghai Karaoke bar, which is something I'll never forget.

Directors: Karni & Saul @ Rokkit
Producer: Tracey Cooper
Editor: Dominic Leung
Agency: W+K Shanghai

06 August 2009

Asakusa Jinta

Here is video I directed whilst on holiday in Tokyo earlier this year.
It's for a great band called Asakusa Jinta and it was shot in an afternoon on Single 8.

Director / Editor: Dominic Leung @ HSI London / Trim Editing

05 August 2009

Spotted at Glastonbury

Simon Hilton spotted these guys at Glastonbury!

And what with the Blur comeback I thought it might be a good time to revisit this HAMMER&TONGS classic.

Director: Garth Jennings @ HAMMER&TONGS
Producer: Nick Goldsmith @ HAMMER&TONGS
Dominic Leung @ HAMMER&TONGS

NME Best Video / MTV Europe Awards Best Video 2000

MILKY even has his own fan site. http://www.milkyfan.com/

05 July 2009

Puma / McQueen 'Ghost' Full Film

Saam Farahmand's Alexander McQueen catwalk film is finally online.

Check it out below

17 June 2009


Another fine piece of work by Mr Wolfe (Feb Client of the Month) that we actually finished in March and I'm still waiting for permission to put on my reel !? In the meantime here is a YouTube link for your enjoyment.

Powertape "Zombies" 2:42

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Dominic Leung

06 May 2009

Philips 'Carousel'


26 February 2009

Frank 'Pablo'

View on beam.tv
Directors: Big Red Button
Jane Cina

BTAA Bronze Award Public Service Advertising
Nominated best 60-90 Second TV Commercial

O2 'Curiosity'

O2 was Shot all across Argentina over a blistering week and using a cast of three identical cats, a stunt unicyclist and a lot of fake snow.

Adam brings both humanity and a sense of wonder to the piece as well as a cameo on the mic.

The edit took place in Stockholm at the lovely post house Riviera.

It was a lot of fun and the whole team from production to client were really amazing helping to make a very special film.

12 February 2009

Take That 'Up All Night'

View on beam.tv
Daniel Wolfe
Dominic Leung

Weavers Fields 03/02/08

As seen from the window at Trim