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31 August 2011

Prada Autumn/Winter Collection

Trim was thrilled to work a second time round, on Prada's 2011 sexualy charged, futuristic Winter campaign. Dressed in their best Marks and Sparks holey jumpers and crumbly shoes, Paul Hardcastle cut the full length sensual spot whilst Leila Sarraf assisted and cut the sexy sunglasses. It was directed by the delightful James Lin and shot by none other then photographic king Steven Meisel. James even gave the trimmers lessons on how to perfect the 'seal on couch' pose, but it doesn't quite work unless you're a skinny 16 year old dressed head to toe in Prada (picture of Paul to come).

Prada Autumn/Winter 2011 Campaign
Creative Director: DJA
DOP: Steven Meisel
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Prada Eyewear Autumn/Winter 2011
Creative Director: DJA
DOP: Steven Meisel
Editor: Leila Sarraf

19 August 2011

Future Flames

Trim was more then happy to harbour director Jaron Albertin for 2 weeks, working on Coca Colas' Olympics campaign with Paul Hardcastle. The stunning ad features Gus Herdman's twin brother, actor Thomas Turgoose running through the London streets passing young guns and kids hanging in tree houses - the creme de la creme of the future. Beautifully shot by Rob Hardy, and expertly cut by Paul Hardcastle, Coca Cola has never looked so cool.

Director: Jaron Albertin
Production Company: Smuggler
Producer: Barty Dearden
Photography: Rob Hardy
Agency: Mother
Post Production: The Mill
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

17 August 2011

BBC Proms

Not so long ago, Trim was delighted to have the charming W.I.Z. back in the east den, working with Julia Knight on a big up BBC Proms campaign. The ad features a brilliantly cut series of projections in a tunnel to evoke the wondrousness of classical music.

Its elegant, bewitching and very W.I.Z... we likey.

Director: W.I.Z
Agency: Karmarama
Production Company: Red Bee
Producer: Jo Yeldham
Creative Directors : Sam and Joe
Creatives: Simon and Stephen
Editor: Julia F Knight

Emeli Sande 'Heaven

Check out Jake Nava's latest video for new singer sensation Emeli Sande. Edited by the talented Julia Knight @ Trim HQ, the video is a beautiful textured montage (some of which was filmed by Trims' friend Nyco Dyszel), of 'Landan sceenes' - specifically Bethnal Green, the Trim endz, innit.

Director: Jake Nava
Production Company: Cherry Films
Producer: Ben Cooper
Commissioner: James Hackett@ EMI Music
Editor: Julia F Knight

04 August 2011

Milk Me Brian

Paul Hardcastle's long time lovely associates, The Vikings, have done it again with this charming and imaginative ad for Cravendale, featuring a genius and rather stunning angel cow. Paul nearly got the part of the angel cow, but was rejected on the grounds of his effeminate voice. It's a little freaky, very funny and surprisingly profound..seriously 'who first thought to milk a cow?'

Directors: The Vikings
Production company: Rokkit
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London

Creative directors: Sam Heath, Chris Groom

Creatives: Hollie Walker, Freddie Powell

Editor: Paul Hardcastle

03 August 2011

A Life Well Lived

Daniel Wolfe's latest gem, spans the life of San Miguel from the 1950s to present time. Shot with a variety of cameras; super 8, high 8, 35mm, 16mm and VHS C the ad is a sumptuous montage of textures and eras, characters and bottles, sunsets and venues. With a delicate and endearing cut from Tom Lindsay, the spot is a wonderful and subtle muse of Spain and its good times. Now pass me that beer.

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Producer: Nicky Barnes
Exec Producer: Sally Campbell
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Creatives: David Goss and Ollie Wolf
DP: Robbie Ryan
Editor: Tom Lindsay