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29 March 2010

Time Based Arts: Our local high-end post production house. Shoreditch.

Paul recently cut these two HP spots for directors Smith and Foulks at leading animation company Nexus Productions on Shoreditch High Street. The ad then went to Time Based Arts, our local post production friends located in the old Caretaker’s Cottage at Shoreditch Town Hall, minutes down the road.

Time Based Arts produce great work, and we love having them just around the corner. We get a good feeling when a production is born and bred in the East end.

Time Based Arts- Post Production

Nexus Productions- Animation

Nike "Hit The Target," directed by Anthony Dickinson at Pulse films is another recent Paul cut posted at Time Based Arts. It stars Wayne Rooney as himself, and Liverpool striker Fernando Torres as futuristic VJ controlling a virtual goal post.

25 March 2010

Ross Hallard edits "Mowzer" by Joshua J. Richards

Trim editor Ross Hallard cut Mowzer, a 12 minute short directed by Joshua J Richards.

A beautifully shot and highly visual film, Mowzer is autobiographical. Although it was shot in Cornwall near St Just, the atmospheric isolation in the film suggests a remote island. Originally there was a town scene as well, but Josh and Ross chose to cut this out. They both think the film is better for it . Josh says "It's visually much stronger. There are so many shorts out there. I always remember the most visual ones."

A charasmatic performance from family friend turned child actor Daniel Hoblyn is the lynchpin of the short. As a first time actor, Josh chose to direct Daniel in an inntuative style, revealing very little about the story or the emotional responses he was looking for. This almost documentary style approach meant that much of the film was edited from captured moments rather than acted scenes.

It seems that both director and editor enjoyed the editing process. Josh said of working with editor Ross: "Ross was legendary really. I doubt I'm easy to work with. He was very patient."

In a macarbe twist of fate Josh found one of the film's key props lying by the side of the road in the dead of night. It won't take you long to work out which piece of art department it was.

More of Josh's directing work here: (link to follow soon)

Written, Produced & Directed by Joshua J. Richards
Starring Daniel Hoblyn & Anna Munden
Cinematography by Edward Lovelace
Edit & Sound Design by Ross Hallard
Original Score Composed & Performed by Richard Durrant

22 March 2010

Trim's BTA Award Wins

Several commercials edited at Trim have picked up an array of awards at this years BTA's (that's British Television Advertising Awards, if you don't mind.)

Philips "Carousel" edited by our very own Paul Hardcastle, and directed by Adam Berg for Stink Digital, won 2 Golds, one for Best Over 90 Second Commercial, and one in the Household Appliances category. We love that there's a Household Appliances category!

Compare the Market "Jingle", also cut by Paul, won four Golds in the 10-20 Second, Financial, and New Creative Team and Series categories. Paul edited four of the commercials in this successful series, two of which also scooped Silver in the Direct Response and Financial categories.

Two spots cut by Tom Lindsay picked up Diploma awards. These were O2 "The Walk" in the Telecommunication Services category directed by Saam, and the beautiful BBC Radio 4 History Of The World "Horse" spot directed by W.I.Z.

Philips "Carousel"

Director: Adam Berg
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Tribal DDB, Amsterdam
Production Company:
Stink Digital, London
Post: Red Rum Sweden

BBC Radio 4 History Of The World "Horse"

Director: W.I.Z.
Production Company: Red Bee
Producer: Caroline Hicks
Agency: Fallon
Creative Team: Joe De Souza and Sam Walker
DoP: Dan Landin
Editor: Tom Lindsay
Telecine: Seamus at The Mill
Post: Adam and Wes at The Mill

Compare The Market- A triumph for Paul!

19 March 2010

Local to Trim- Cheshire Street E2

Cheshire street in the 1960's.

Trim loves editing, that's why we do it. But we also realise that it's important to step outside from time to time. We are extremely lucky to have plenty of great places on our doorstep.

At the weekend Cheshire street is a cosy alternative to bigger, louder, more distracting Brick Lane. And it's only 4 minutes walk away from Trim. At the risk of sounding like the Lonely Planet Guide, these are some of the reasons Cheshire Street is a great destination for a stroll.

The Pub- The Carpenters Arms was once famously owned by the Kray twins. It reopened a couple of years ago, and is a good place for a post editing pint (Pun not intended!). Apparently the single doorway facing the bar was a concious design feature to ensure that Ronnie and Reggie always knew who was coming and going. Thankfully these days it's under new management, and you're likely to leave in one piece.

The Shops- There are lots of shops selling art and other interesting things. We know it's not cool to admit to shopping anymore... But buying a print or an eco- friendly bird feeder won't hurt anyone right? And everyone needs shoes. We like to support our local economy anyway. Our favorite shops are Shelf for innovative ceramics, textiles and gifts including the cool plaster letters Paul bought to spell out TRIM. Mi Mi makes and sells elegant handmade wallets and bags, Labour and Wait has surprisingly tempting retro style kitchen utensils, and Dragana Perisic is great for gorgeous women's shoes and clothes. Cheshire street is also home to vintage clothing giant Beyond Retro, and the original Taylor Taylor hair dressing salon.

The History- Cheshire Street runs along Braithwaite Viaduct, one of the oldest railway viaducts in the world. We're wondering if it will come back into use later this year when Shoreditch High Street Tube Station opens at the top of Bethnal Green Road. If you stand in Grimsby street, just off Cheshire street, you can see the original brick work of the old viaduct. Maybe we are a bit strange, but things like old brickwork get us all excited, especially when we are skipping down Cheshire street in our new shoes!

Esska shoes from Dragana Perisic, 30 Cheshire Street. http://www.draganaperisic.com/

Distance: 4 min walk from Trim
Map: Copy Cheshire Street E2 into Google Maps. http://maps.google.co.uk/
(As a business blog we aren't allowed to put the map here, sorry! Google could smite us. )

Shopping Info: www.weebirdy.com/shopping-on-cheshire-street/
(A lovely style blog with details of the shops in Cheshire street.)

14 March 2010

Nike Air Jordan "Nightmares Never Sleep" Edited by Paul Hardcastle

Paul Hardcastle recently completed this stunning cut for Nike Air Jordan with award winning director Adam Berg at Smuggler. The agency was Wieden & Kennedy NY, a creative force that's been behind Nike for over two decades, and famously coined the iconic tag "Just Do It".

The spot was filmed in Miami and edited in Stockholm, New York and London. A major editing challenge was not being able to show whole faces of the players or revealing who the actual team are because it was acted by non NBA players. The players were also not allowed to commit a foul by actually striking eachother. Here's Paul's standout cut featuring some supernatural sporting powers.

'Nightmares never sleep'
Director: Adam Berg
Production: Smuggler
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy NY

11 March 2010

Peanut the Dog

Trim would like to welcome Peanut, the latest addition to the company. She is a 16 week old Jack Russell puppy with a passion for sticks and chewy pig's ears. Her specialist skill is reminding bleary eyed visitors to enjoy a short walk on Weavers Fields.

Jack Russells are working terriers, not historically associated with editing. They were originally bred for fox hunting in the 19th century. But Peanut is unlikely to encounter any foxes at Trim, (Unless she delves into Tom Lindsay's back catalogue and finds that W.I.Z video for Dizzee Rascal.) Peanut was adopted from Battersea Dogs Home by editor Ross Hallard who joined Trim last summer. We are very pleased to have them both around.

We think of Peanut as Trim's answer to chef Rick Stein's famous mutt Chalky (R.I.P). Here she is enjoying a tasty gourmet stick.

10 March 2010

A Stylish Trim for Trim

"Style is a simple way of saying complicated things."
Jean Cocteau

The sheer glamour of being an editor is one of the trade's best kept secrets. Style in the cutting room is an integral but subtle ingredient; though rarely given it's dues, it enriches and refines the end product. Don't believe us? Well, ask yourself: Do you want to be shut in a dark room with the unsightly, the ungroomed, the downright frightening? No! Of course not! Luckily at Trim we understand that your eyes are hard working, and we try to go easy on them. With that in mind we've been having in-house haircuts courtesy of Benjamin David (www.benjamin-david-hairstylist.blogspot.com). Every single one of us. (Except Peanut the dog. That would be silly).

While all our cuts have been a success (as always), Leila Sarraf and Gus Herdman really stand out. Leila, a budding editor and general virtuoso who's recently joined us, can be seen doing just about everything at Trim. She's likely to greet you when you arrive. And there's not much Gus can't do, as he proved recently with a standout edit for Stella Artois. We're hoping to get Leila cutting her own jobs soon too. Here they both are looking freshly coiffed.

For a brand new barnet of your own contact Benjamin David (www.benjamin-david-hairstylist.blogspot.com). Don't forget to say hi from Trim!

04 March 2010

Location Editing. Example Uno: Madrid

Two apple boxes and some easy access bins.

Oh the glamour...!

01 March 2010

Its that time of night