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16 December 2010

The Hunting Moon

Not so long ago, Ross Hallard had some serious, geeky editing fun, working on a new horror trailer for Culex Films release 'The Hunting Moon'.

Picture this; four British students travelling through Africa and up to 2000 people a day keep dying around them. The Sun says it's 'Absolutely terrifying'- no bleemin doubt it is, because it's actually TRUE. Culex is not really a film company, but a form of deadly mosquito that's eradicating lives throughout the continent. Created by Red Bee Media and directed by Robert Samuels (www.superrocketman.com), the 'Hunting Moon' trailer is a super innovative, online campaign for Malaria No More UK, that has been tweeted and web featured by the likes of David Beckham and Andy Murray.

Visit the website to find out more about this deadly killer.

Director: Robert Samuels
Agency: Red Bee Media
Producer: Sarah Caddy and Ann Marie Small
DP: Andrew Kuchanny
Editor: Ross Hallard@ Trim

14 December 2010

She Loves Beef

Those creative folk at Wieden and Kennedy have launched a super addictive music-making app for the new Nokia N8 smart phone as part of their 'It's not technology, it's what you do with it' campaign.

To demonstrate it's potent potential, director Kim Gehrig took to the poodle parlours of Shanghai, adopting the talents of multi-coloured poodles getting pimped up like trannies. Back in blighty, Trim's Tom Lindsay took the visuals under his wing and created a loop style edit to further emboss the apps idea and reflect the looping soundtrack which was created entirely on-set using the phone! Yes that's a big loopy loopy WOW...(lets just hope iphone make their own version eh!).

Director: Kim Gehrig
Production Company: Academy Films
Agency: Wieden and Kennedy
Producer: Dom Thomas
DP: Ross McLennan
Post: MPC
Editor: Tom Lindsay@Trim

13 December 2010


Earlier this year, Paul flew out to New York New York, to edit the new Verizon Droid 2 Motorola ad, directed by long time affiliate Adam Berg.

Stylishly shot in the same location as the police headquarters seen in 'The Departed', this slick spot demonstrates how when using the new Verizon Droid phone during your weekly board meeting, your arms can turn into ultra robotic, terminator-esque limbs and your colleagues wont even blink an eye. Now if that's not a hint at the future, I don't know what is.

Director: Adam Berg
Agency - McGarry Bowen
Production Company - Smuggler
DP: Shawn Kim
Editor: Paul Hardcastle@Trim

07 December 2010

Gurn Baby Gurn

Lets take a trip down memory lane, back to the early 90's, when acid house was cool and pills were dropped like candy. The maestro of the year, Daniel Wolfe has re-created this blindingly authentic messy rave for Chase and Status's new fookin brilliant tune 'Blind Faith'. All those years of jaw grinding for Trim's Dominic Leung finally paid off, as Wolfe insisted he was the only man fit for the job. Boy done good....real good.

We think both this video and song are gonna go down a storm, bringing nostalgic tears to everyone in their late 30's and making all the 20 year old trend setters swap their hareem pants for a Gio Goi getup!

Update: We are no longer allowed to show you the directors cut.
The record company have pulled it (no explanation). So in the meanwhile please enjoy the shorter (compromise) cut or even better, follow us on Twitter, then direct message us saying 'I have to watch the Chase and Status directors cut NOW' and we'll send you a secret password so you can access it on vimeo!

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Producer: Tim Francis
DP: Lol Crawley
Editor: Dominic Leung@ Trim

Agghh the Weeds are Coming!

The Vikings (directors; Matt Branning and Bjorn Ruehmann) sailed across the arduous seven seas into the Trim suites (specifically Paul Hardcastle's retreat), to create the new B Movie inspired Weedol spot. Over the top acting, 50's styling and an injection of camp humour makes this ad brilliant to watch and sets a new bar as to how fun weed killer ads can actually be... without drinking it!

Directors: The Vikings
Production Company: Rokkit
Producer: Chris McBride
Art Director: Dylan Hewett
Agency: DLKW
Editor: Paul Hardcastle@Trim

Black Lager

Tricky technicalities and an immense post job was at hand in Saam Farahmand's latest swinging Guinness ad. Edited by Trim's Tom Lindsay, Saam's playful twist on dimensions has a good old hint of Flat Stanley about it. We like.

Director: Saam Farahmand
Production Company: Partizan
Producer: David Stewart
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Agency Producer: Rebecca Williams
Post: The Mill
Editor: Tom Lindsay@Trim

30 November 2010

To pig trot or not? That is the question

So apparently when Gus Herdman drinks Grappa, his nipples get rock hard. He demonstrated this at the Trim Christmas Supper club (no.3) held at Bistro Bruno Loubet. But before I divulge in how hard his nipples get, lets rewind 3 courses and several bottles of wine.

Located at the Zetter hotel, Bistro Bruno Loubet is a curved relaxed eating venture, serving rich and refined french dishes. The menu reads like a dream, causing salivation before the warm bread has even arrived. After much deliberation and discussion over the virtues of stuffed pigs trotters, half of us decided to stick to Bruno's signature starter dish of snail and meatballs served with a mushroom mousse. The juicy umami morsels were enrobed in a rich tomato sauce offset by a smooth mousse topped with pesto. A very very good dish, only slightly setback by a Dolmio nostalgia. Beating the piggy balls and snails was Ross's faultless animalistic dish of foie gras, pheasant and duck liver terrine. Gus and Naz went for 'lady' starters of Salmon with chilled borscht and ratatouille and octopus salad. Both delicately flavoured, yummy and reminiscent of Summer.

The signature main dish of Hare Royale, served with posh macaroni cheese was unbelievably tender, rich and flavoursome. Topped with a slither of foie gras, this unassuming creation was worthy of sitting upon a shrine and worshipped till your arteries were clogged with pleasure. Dom's pheasant crepinette served with turnip confit and elderberry sauce was a glorious christmas carol whilst Gus's Duck confit with honey and dukkah was an 'eh' tasty dish. Ross and Naz both went for fish, Cod and Gurnard...honestly cant remember much about them but apparently the Cod was good and the Gurnard was not.

With everyone stuffed, we decided to venture into the sweet land. The land that both Paul and Tom have recently terminated themselves from due to fashionable diets. In a greedy approach, we ordered all the desserts on the menu; a dreamy chocolate marquise, a secretly tantalising glazed quince served with a green peppercorn ice cream, a curious self-saucing passion fruit pudding, a moorish nougat glace, and a crap apple and blackberry Clerkenwell mess. Crap, because it wasn't a mess but more of a compote and who the hell wants to eat compote for dessert?!

So all in all a wonderful, rich, cockle warming meal that ended with some grappa for Gus, giving him a nipple chaffing extravaganza. Also did I mention that Marcus Wareing was sitting opposite us and all he ate was some lettuce and half a bottle of red wine?

86-88 Clerkenwell Rd City of London EC1M 5RJ

29 November 2010

Luc Janin gets all sticky with Converse

In this latest Converse / Footlocker ad, Luc Janin recruited Europe's most eminent tape art graffiti artists, No Curves and Almir, to do a spot of gaffer taping around London's east end.

Shot over two days, docu style, this urban little number demonstrates the hours of fun you can have messing with the cities architecture, to create some clever installations, all whilst wearing Converse of course!

Agency: Sapient nitro
Creative Director: Ben Callis
Creative:Olly Farrington, Neil Richardson
Tv Producer Lindsay Moyes
Production Company: Annex Films
Director: Luc Janin
Producer: Hans Elias
Photography: Richard Stewart
Post Production: Time Based Arts/Mike Skrgatic
Editor: Tom Lindsay @ Trim

23 November 2010

It's Christmassssss- lets drink tea

Vegas and Monkey are back on form, getting all giddy about the mini Monkey puppet giveaways with every pack of Pg tips this Christmas!

Directed by Hammer and Tong's Garth Jennings and edited by long time affiliate Dominic Leung, this ad is bound to inject a bit of festive cheer in all the scrooges scuttling about this season.

Come on guys, play that carol and eat that mince pie, it's Christmassssssssssssssssss, lets get fat and merry!

Agency: Mother
Production Company: Hammer & Tongs
Director: Garth Jennings
Producer: Nick Goldsmith
Post Production: Prime Focus
Grade: Tareq Kubaisi
Editor: Dominic Leung @ Trim

22 November 2010

Klaxons 'Twin Flames'

Saam Farahmand has unleashed his new body morphing, controversial Klaxons video.

Inspired by the late 80's film, Society, the video sees the Klaxons engaging in a bit of ménage à dix, that slowly evolves into a sticky entanglement of limbs, we're talking heads coming out of arses kind of thing. Edited by Trim's Gus Herdman, the visuals are both erotic, disgusting and completely compelling. Watch it now!

Director: Saam Farahmand
Production Company: Partizan
Post House: BlindPig@ Absolute
Producer: Fenella Sanderson
Commissioner: Emily Tedrake
DOP: Dan Bronks
Editor: Gus Herdman@Trim

18 November 2010

Love Goes Down, and so does Strickland

The odyssey of Strickland Banks continues with Daniel Wolfe's new video for Plan B.

Strickland; hungover with a guilty conscience finds himself onstage miming to his adoring teenage fans whilst behind the scenes we see the rising star's true life. And there's a nasty surprise awaiting him at the end of the gig.

In his fifth video of the series, Daniel consolidates the world he's created for Plan B; Timeless styling and art direction - check, Great casting and performances - check, Beautiful yet unfussy camerawork - check and er... Andy Crane, er... - check!

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Producer: Tim Francis
Production Company: Somesuch and Co
Editor: Tom Lindsay
Cinematography: Lol Crawley
Production Designer: Sam Tidman
Casting Director: Leanne Flinn
Grade: Simon Bourne @ Framestore
TK Producer: Andrew McLintock @ Framestore
Commissioner: Tim Nash

02 November 2010

Made of Meaner Stuff

Cars made out of cakes, sweets, chocolates and meringues....eurgh, how pathetic. A car constructed from snake venom, crossbows, bones, skid marks and the tooth indentations of a fat skin head is way cooler!

The new Skoda Fabia ad created by Fallon, directed by Nick Gordon of Somesuch & Co and edited by Trim's Dominic Leung is a hardcore head thrashing 'piss off you pansy bakers' commercial and we love it! Plus it was great fun having the Somesuch gang in the Trim house!

Agency: Fallon
Agency Producer: Angus Smith
Creative Director: John Allison, Chris Bovill, Augusto Sola
Creatives: John Allison, Chris Bovill
Director: Nick Gordon
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Producer: Sally Campbell
Director of Photography: Mattias Montero
Post Production: MPC
Editor: Dominic Leung@ Trim

26 October 2010

How the Ikea cats changed everything for Mara Carlyle

Paul's decision to use Mara Carlyle's Pianni track on the latest Ikea ad, was initially just to set the pace for the edit. However in an unpredictable fashion, the clients actually approved it and the release of the ad consequently resurrected the dormant career of a hugely talented musician.

Ah...the powers of an Editor should never be underestimated.

Find out more in the Guardian

22 October 2010

Trip To The Eighties!

We're really excited to be finally able to show Saam Farahmand's fantastic new video for Mark Ronson, featuring vocals from Boy George. The track is amazing, and particularly Boy George's vocals are imbued with a soul and gravitas not present in the Culture Club era.

Set in 1982 it circles around the flashpoint of Culture Club's meteoric rise to fame. Shot on Ikegami tube cameras, and styled with Boy George's wardrobe from the time, the video is a faithful snapshot of youthful exuberance and innocence and friendship.

Director: Saam Farahmand

Producer: Leanne Stott

Exec Producer: Sasha Nixon

Production Company: Partizan

DoP: Florian Hoffmeister

Art Director: Ben Ansell

Editor: Tom Lindsay @ Trim

Styling ‘Boy George’: Hannah Edwards

Online Editing Glassworks, MPC, The Mill

14 October 2010

Congratulations to Daniel and Tim! (and Dom!)

More awards news; Daniel Wolfe snagged Best Director and Tim Francis Best Producer at this year's UK Music Video Awards.

Dominic Leung joined Hammer&Tongs' Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith onstage, to collect the Icon Award for their work in creating some of the most loved videos of all time.

Daniel and Tim have had a stellar year, producing a string of top quality videos for Plan B. Daniel's filmatic style has won him rave reviews from the 'Tube to Antville to Promo News. And for some reason this all feels like just the beginning...

Jamie Thraves' Feature Film Wins Dinard!

Over the past few months at Trim, Tom Lindsay and Ross Hallard have been industriously cutting together Jamie Thraves' new film 'Treacle Jr'. Starring Aidan Gillen and Tom Fisher, it's a buddy film of the highest order, following in the fine tradition of classics such as Schlesinger's Midnight Cowboy. Time Out gave it a glowing 4 star review, calling it "Funny, touching and gritty, a coolly rendered observation on need and rejection [it] really is a Brit drama to shout about."

After a difficult experience on his last studio film, Jamie decided to produce the next one on his own terms. Re-mortgaging his house and pulling in friends, family and loyal crew; he made Treacle Jr at breakneck speed and for peanuts.

An amazing accomplishment in itself, but doubly rewarded by being a rather amazing piece of work too. It's classic Thraves in many ways; great performances, fantastic dialogue and a bitter sweet ending.

In a total shocker last week, Treacle Jr drew for top prize at the 21st Dinard Festival for British Film. Previous esteemed winners have included Shallow Grave, The Full Monty, The Girl With The Pearl Earring, London To Brighton and Billy Elliot

It is also playing at the London Film Festival from 21st October. You can book tickets here, though hurry it's almost sold out!!

You can check out pictures from the film and other info at its facebook page here.

A full list of credits can be seen here.

07 October 2010

Pussy People

As a consequence of the blimmin great Ikea ad, Mother commissioned a short documentary about the eccentric owners of the cats used in the commercial. Directed by Andy Lang and edited by Trim's Gus Herdman, this short slice of hilarious and insightful entertainment is going down a storm on YouTube with nearly 30,000 hits already!

Although we're sure half of those viewers were looking for a different kind of pussy...

04 October 2010


There's no stopping Daniel Wolfe, as he unleashes his 4th chapter to the Strickland Banks cinematic saga. Another breath-taking tune matched with an epic and unprecedented video, its no wonder Mr Wolfe's previous Plan B videos have received a whopping 11 nominations for the Music Video Awards this year!

'Recluse' is also Daniel's penultimate at Partizan, as he has recently moved to the new production company Some Such & Co along with his long time producer Tim Francis, whose also up for Best Producer at the MVA's this year.

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Production company: Partizan
Producer: Tim Francis
Exec Producer: Sasha Nixon
DoP: Robbie Ryan
Production Designer: Sam Tidman
Telecine: Simon Bourne at Framestore
Effects: Gus Herdman at Trim
Commissioner: Tim Nash

Editor: Dominic Leung at Trim

28 September 2010

Trim's stormin this year's UK MVAs

Its that time of year again for the UK Music Video Awards and this time round its a goodun, with an impressive splattering of nominated videos edited by the Trimmers! Daniel Wolfe's trilogy of Plan B videos, edited by Tom Lindsay and Dominic Leung have received a whopping 11 nominations, including Best Editing for 'Prayin' and 'Stay Too Long'...oooh a head to head wrestle between Dom and Tom!

Also Jamie Thraves' Fanfarlo video, 'Fire Escape' edited by Trim's Ross Hallard is nominated for Best Rock Video, whilst W.I.Z's Hurts video, 'Better Than Love', edited by the mighty Tom Lindsay is up for best pop video- hoopla!

Fingers crossed and good luck guys!

Happy Inside

Cats, cats, cats - thats the theme of the new brilliant Ikea ad, directed by Adam Berg with the brains of Creative agency, Mother. Edited by Trim’s Paul Hardcastle, this sweet and stylish campaign sees a 100 cats let loose in the Ikea Wembley store in London. The feline creatures run around, exploring, fighting, hiding and finally settling into a snug nestle of sleep- as you do.

“The idea behind the work is that cats know better than anything what makes them feel happy inside, they live their lives in pursuit of their own comfort," said Feh Tarty, creative director at Mother.

The ad is part of a bigger campaign, which includes an online 'guess the cat's favourite furniture' competition, a 'making of' documentary and a hilarious short documentary about the somewhat crazy cat owners, edited by Trim's Gus Herdman (watch this space).

Agency: Mother, London
Creative Director: Feh Tarty
Production Company: Stink
Director: Adam Berg
DOP: Richard Stewart
Producer: Ben Croker
Post Production: Absolute
ditor: Paul Hardcastle

24 September 2010

Bag Your Bag

The Trim bag has finally arrived! A highly functional and durable piece of unisex fashion, the Trim bag is the must have item of the season. Not only is it big enough to hold all the chaotic elements of your life, but its distinct design allows you to wear it in more ways than one. Ok, maybe only two ways- on your shoulder or in your hand...or if your slightly special like Gus you can attempt to wear it on your back.

So come on down to the Trim office to grab your new favourite bag!

21 September 2010

Albion Cafe- Local to Trim

Albion's open plan kitchen. Picture copyright Albion.

A friend who lives in Bethnal Green described Albion as "That English place selling English stuff, in England', which, in a funny way, sums it up. Albion on Boundary street serves up the best of British, with the kind of flair commonly reserved for foreign delicacy. The shop attached to the cafe sells Bovril, Marmite and porridge oats on fancy rustic displays next to freshy baked goods. The caff is the best thing about this Conran owned gaff because it really does offer tasty food at value for money. My personal fave is the cream tea for £6. Far from being a measly scone and a cuppa, this is a feast I struggled to finish despite my best efforts. Faultless scones; two of them, huge with jam, butter and cream, sat beside beautifully moist fruitcake, some amazing shortbread and a slice of perfect sponge, all washed down with a pot of tea. I say all washed down, but in truth I had to smuggle the shortbread away in my handbag for later because it was all too much. Easily enough for two and delicious.

And all this only a few minutes walk from Trim's cutting rooms....

Albion Cafe
2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7DD 020 7729 1051

Whilst you are contemplating cakes, please spare a thought for Trim's very own editor and running champ Dominic Leung, who this weekend takes on Berlin at the Marathon. No cream teas for him until after! And if you haven't had a chance to sponsor the excellent charity he's running for please take a moment to follow the link and sling him a few pennies, or better still some pounds.

09 September 2010

Dom to run Berlin Marathon!

To dispel the myth that editors are weak creatures barely capable of slithering from their desks to gab a fry-up from the local caf, Dom is running the Berlin Marathon on 26 Sept. Harriet (Baz) Cawley and Kenny Shynola will be Dom's trusty team mates. Team GB will be blazing to glory as well as raising money for heart screening for young people through the Gideon Baws Memorial Fund at CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young). Many of you will remember our good friend Gideon who sadly died in 2008 of sudden heart failure at the age of 33.
Dom has been training hard over the past few months, most notably with local Shoreditch based running club Run Dem Crew www.rundemcrew.com. RDC is headed by the charismatic and energetic Charlie Dark; poet, musician, teacher, sportsman, there are few things this guy can't do. A motley crew of creative types who love to run, the club meet at pop up Nike store 1948 on Batemans Row every Tuesday evening. Steamed into four ability groups Cheetahs, Greyhounds, Hares and tortoises, the club is very inclusive and champions the East End's urban environment as a great running space. This is after all the land of the 2012 Olympics.
Please support Team GB by making a small donation if you can. We have surpassed our target but we'd like to aim for double as it's a great cause.

07 September 2010

E Pellicci- Our local Caf

E Pellicci has been something of an institution in the East End for over 100 years. Perhaps we are biased, it is our local after all, but we think it's probably the best caf in London. They've just reopened after their customary August family holiday in Italy, and we're hankering for a fry up.

The late, great Nevio Pellicci serving up a lovely cuppa.

Serving up proper caf fayre like a full English, gigantic omelettes, and hand cut chips, the place is always heaving with locals refuelling, passing the time of day and chatting about the football. There's also a big selection of Italian faves; the canneloni is good choice, and if you have the appetite for it you can order it with chips. Lovely. Say hello to Nev junior from us.

02 September 2010


A while back, Paul edited this quirky little number for QQ.com- China's most popular online instant messaging service. Directed by the talented Woof Wan Bau, the ad features renowned footballer, Lionel Messi showing off his ball skills which are brilliantly mimicked by some unsuspecting folk. Who would of guessed Beijing was hiding these talented footballers!

Director: Woof Wan Bau
Prod Company: Nexus Productions
Prod Co. Producer: Patrick Duguid
Agency: Grey Advertising : Beijing
Art Director: Cheeguan, Yue
DOP: August Jakobsson
Post: Time Based Arts
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

01 September 2010

Shoreditch House- Local to Trim

Ok we know this aint Miami. We know it's completely absurd to be lounging by the pool on a London rooftop sipping wine. But we don't really care because it's fun and they are always nice to us.

Shoreditch House boasts two restaurants, a bar, a spa, a gym, rooftop pool, hotel and amazing views of East London. You can probably see us from the Rooftop restaurant. Other highlights include outdoor beds (!) a secret garden, and a bowling alley you can hire for parties.

The food's not bad either. Trimblogger got stuck into a good plate full of Goats cheese ravioli the other day. I'm not going to pretend I have Leila's food critiquing skills, but I will say it was scrumalicious.

Shoreditch House is in Ebor Street, which is opposite Shoreditch Station.