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29 September 2011

Made by Dave

Julia Knights' scissor-hands have been lately snipping away at Trim, creating a whole flurry of wonderful work. One of which is this cute and colourful spot for the Dave Channel, directed by Simon Crabtree and Luke Tilly. Look out for the rest of the bumpers and spots as well as some more of Miss Knight's exciting work!

Director: Simon Crabtree and Luke Tilly
Production Company: Red Bee
Editor: Julia Knight

13 September 2011

Girls Kick Ball For East Africa

Trim Producer, Naz Foroodian has been getting her kit on with her feisty team Girlcore and hitting the grass in the name of charity. Park grass that is, and football's the name of the game. Give a bit of love by sponsoring her here : http://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/girlcorewins

07 September 2011

Trims' Got The Hump

Its been a while since we launched the Trim bag and if you managed to get your hands on one, well you're incredibly privileged and lucky, much like this Camel in Egypt whom we did a recent commercial with about water retention tablets... (sorry).