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05 December 2012

HTC 'Miami Bass Project'

For HTC's latest campaign, Director Daniel Wolfe ventured to Miami to document a street party in the back streets of Little Haiti. Cut by Tom Lindsay, it's another beauty with great dancers and some well known faces.

Director - Daniel Wolfe @ Somesuch & Co
Producer: Dougal Meese
Agency: Mother
Editor: Tom Lindsay

05 November 2012

Shots Awards!

Boom! Paul Hardcastle is once again nominated for Best Editor at this year's Shots Awards, proudly up against some storming Editors from all over the world, with a dash of UK talent to boot... With Gavin from MacKenzie Cutler NY, Steve from Cut & Run LA , Filip from Robota, Prague, Peter from the Butchery  (now at Method) in Sydney And Joe from Final Cut and Rich from Work both in London. 

To celebrate Paul commissioned a new portrait especially.For more details click here.

04 September 2012

Presets 'Ghosts'

A soaring anthem recently thumped through Trim HQ when LA based director Abteen Bagheri partnered with Leila Sarraf for a spot of Persian power on the Presets comeback track 'Ghosts'. The stunningly shot video features ethereal teen divers floating through the air, a powerful echo of the Olympics and homage to Leni Riefenstahl's 1930's Olympia.

Director: Abteen Bagheri
Production Company: Somesuch and Co
Producer: Tash Tan
Editor: Leila Sarraf

30 August 2012

O2 / Nike+ 'The Circle'

Back in May we had the pleasure of working with (whatup)AG Rojas (& producer Shirley O'Connor) on a hush hush project. Now the secret is out and O2 / Nike+ have launched Priority Sports. Featuring an omnipresent blue circle and an authentic blend of cool kids and olympic athletes, AG has created something both intimate and epic. More crucialy, AG passed the Peanut test and the two became fast friends.

Agency: VCCP
Editor: Dominic Leung

25 August 2012

Major Lazer 'Get Free'

As you can imagine, we hear a lot of music at Trim, but this years sweetest sounds drifted out of Tom's suite when SoMe was in town to cut Major Lazer's 'Get Free' video. Captured with SoMe's trademark "Effortless Vibes" lens, the video is a surprisingly melancholic take on Jamaican dancehall. See if you can spot Beenie  Man rocking his new Sheikh look. Right who's up for some daggering?
Director: SoMe @ Somesuch & Co.
Label: Mad Decent
Editor: Tom Lindsay

21 August 2012

Guinness "Paint The Town Black"

Daniel Wolfe & Dominic Leung have teamed up once again, this time to tackle the rich legacy of Guinness ads. This "Wolfian" update was filmed on location in Transylvania with a cast of 350 locals and 2000kg of black goo. Beautifully shot by by André Chemetoff and energetically soundtracked by Fanfare Ciocarlia, the film tells the story of a town that paints itself black in celebration of Arthur's Day. Here we proudly present the directors cut.

Director: Daniel Wolfe @ Somesuch&Co.
Producer: Dougal Meese
Editor: Dominic Leung

13 August 2012

BBC Radio 1Xtra

We want a freaky double headed mini me hoodie, I'm sure you will too. Here is Gus Herdman's edit for   BBC Radio 1Xtra directed by Unknown at Passion Raw.

Director: UNKNOWN
Production Company: Passion Raw
Producer: Paul Coward
Agency: Karmarama
Editor: Gus Herman

06 August 2012

Assasins Creed

To celebrate getting rid of the yankees on America's Independence, Paul, Gus and the Vikings pioneered together to make a beautiful cinematic bit of period patriotic slice of 4th of July pumpkin pie... mmm pumpkin pie....

Director: The Vikings
Producer: Eriks Krumins
Production Company: Friend
Agency: Sid Lee Paris
VFX: Electric Theatre
DP: Justin Brown
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

02 August 2012

Sushi Song

Here is everyone's favourite music video pimp, Adam Buxton's second video for his telly Bug show. Directed by the lovely bubbly David Wilson and edited by Leila Sarraf.  In Adam's own words 'the most offensively racist and sexist video about Sushi ever with a kind of lardy, hairy, Ewok man in the middle." Enjoy!

Director - David Wilson
Producer - Tamsin Glasson
Production Company - Colonel Blimp
DOP - Ben Todd
Edited by Leila Sarraf

25 July 2012

Adam Buxton v Guitar Wolf "Summertime Blues"

Here is the first of two Adam Buxton videos, directed by the one and only Garth Jennings and edited by Leila Sarraf. Commissioned by Sky Atlantic for his new BUG TV series, Adam  Buxton delivers an insane version of Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues by Japanese punk band Guitar Wolf. Non stop, exploding, thrusting Buxton fun. Or Sutin'

Update: See Adam & Garth chatting about the video on BUG

Director: Garth Jennings
Beard and swimsuit man: Adam Buxton
Production Company: Burning Bright
Editor: Leila Sarraf

16 July 2012

Metamorphosis by Tell No One

Ross Hallard's latest edit for the wonderful Directing duo, Tell No One, is a haunting short film based on Ovid's classical poem promoting the Titian exhibition at the National Gallery. Commissioned by Credit Suisse and featuring Anna Friel, it's a beautifully shot spot that's very bankable (couldn't help myself).

Directors: Tell No One at Skin Flicks
Producer: Chris Massey
Agency: Euro RSCG, London
Editor: Ross Hallard

05 July 2012


Paul Hardcastle recently did his regular disappearing act to LA, whipping out a second storming Nike commercial, directed once again by his partner in crime, Adam Berg. We love Adam Berg so much that we have this beautiful painting of him framed at Trim.

oh and here's the ad:

Director: Adam Berg at Smuggler
Agency: Wieden Kennedy
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

04 July 2012


The Trimmers recently got their teaching shoes on and headed down to the Nike 1948 store for a week of creative workshops with the Flyknit Collective. Alongside other Flyknit Collective innovators, ( Grace Ladoja, Charlie Dark, Tyrone Lebon & Scratcha DVA) Team Trim got busy helping the young creators cut 14 x 1 minute films exploring the theme of Lightness. The films will premier at an event in Aske Gardens in August.

Watch the Vimeo & click the links below & play spot the Trimmer.

Interview: TRIM: CUT & PASTE
Dazed Digital interview: FILMMAKING & THE EDIT WITH TRIM

03 July 2012

Chris Clark 'Black Stone'

The Vikings have raped and pillaged their way to Trim once more, this time for a new venture into music videos. Edited by Paul Hardcastle, the Tarkovskyesque film is a haunting, wintry tale that perfectly resonates the mournful song. Lets hope the Vikings give us some more promos.

Director: The Vikings at Friend
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Ambrosia 'Picnic'

Who knew a talking scotch egg could freak so many people out? Dominic Leung is becoming quite good at controversy, what with his Phones4U ad and now this quirky Ambrosia spot directed by The Peloria Brothers. Best reactions can be found HERE.

Directors: The Pelorian Brothers at Blink
Agency: DARE
Editor: Dominic Leung

Dark Horses 'Radio'

The enigmatic Pierre Angelique has joint forces again with Trim's Leila Sarraf for Dark Horses' hypnotic new song 'Radio'. A visually evocative video that makes you question who is Pierre Angelique?

Director: Pierre Angelique
Producer: Scott O'Donnell
Editor: Leila Sarraf

18 May 2012

The Italians Do Not Do It Better

Trim headed out to Mayfair for the 2012 Pret-A-Diner pop-up restaurant. Sorry, not a pop-up but a "dining experience", as stated on their website. We were greeted by a casual Giorgio Locatelli and an over-zealous front of house with a smile that reached each ear. We entered the grandiose main hall, our heads tipping up, taking in the oversized 'street art' canvases and gothic hanging things. On closer inspection, it was all a bit Camden Market meets Brick Lane on Halloween.

Sat down we dribbled with anticipation of the food to come. The menu arrived and we were presented with two 3-course options, both priced at £75, one devised by Giorgio Locatelli and one by Accursio Craparo. Oh, but what's this? 'Pimp it like an Italian', beef fillet for an extra £18. And that's weird, the dessert costs an extra £9 (so it's £75 for a 2-course menu then?). The live performance too, will cost you an extra £8. Mmmm, so what exactly is £75 covering? The miniature tuna burger, that tasted of, well just patty tuna. Or the rustic penne with red mullet- a big old 'meh'.

At the perfect moment our spirited front of house bounced over and gave us his best salesmen pitch for us to 'pimp it like an Italian', and boy was he good. Two trimmers crumbled under his bright, glistening eyes and went for the extra beef fillet option. The quality of the beef and the lamb was great, but the accompaniments and sticky plastic bottle excreted sauces made the dish feel more country pub then Michelin star. This is the kind of cooking that most people with oversized wallets and undersized tastebuds seem to be into. They think it's professional cooking, it's passion and it's a privilege. We don't, we think it's lazy and boring, and whoever is running this whole Pret-a-Diner concept is laughing his head off all the way to the bank.

It was too late, we couldn't go back, the 'Trim Hulks' were unleashed. We managed to make the nutty salesman's lower lip quiver when we told him what we really thought. His face dropped and he said he couldn't tell if we were joking or not. But then he immediately deterred the situation by going back to salesman mode, banging on about the experience. "Isn't the experience great though, such a wonderful concept, such a brilliant experience, have you ever had such an experience?", he screeched. I still don't quite understand what the "experience" was. I think he must have been referring to the experience of being robbed blind in broad daylight.

I'll leave you with a solitary positive note though, the dessert was very good.

18 April 2012

Ready to Run?

Bob Harlow has run back to Trim, this time working with Ross Hallard and his muse Peanut on a storming Adidas campaign. A moody piece that bursts into life and accelerates into oblivion with a great track. We likey.

Director: Bob Harlow
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Producer:Rachel Dargavel
Editor: Ross Hallard

12 April 2012

Feel Better Energy

Dominic Leung and director Nick Gordon have come together once more for the latest uplifting EDF campaign thats got everyone cooing, because of a dancing blob. We love the ad but even more we love these youtube comments:

"That poo has the skillz to pay his edf energy bills!!"

"It's not a turd lol its a flame as its an energy ad :)"

"the cat is all like wat da fuck?? whys my shit goin past me? i left dat shit in my kitty litter :S"

"If yr feeling down just watch this ad and it makes u smile, i think im addicted to watching it lol."

"omg i love this advert ive watched it like 500 times crnt get enough of it! lol its joke want one of thoes keepon tings blud!!"


Director: Nick Gordon
Producer: Lucy Kelly
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Agency: AMV BBDO
Creatives: Andy Booth, Jim Seath
Editor: Dominic Leung

30 March 2012

John Hillcoat We Salute You

Earlier this year, Tom Lindsay took his editing suite to the next level - a hot tropical jungle in Thailand. This was where the legendary John Hillcoat was shooting his latest commercial for National Lottery. Featuring the endearing and talented Nicholas Amer, a true 88 year old veteran, the spot is an affecting piece that wouldn't look out of place in a feature. Brilliant cut and sound edit too from Tom.

National Lottery - 'Heroes Return' from Trim Editing on Vimeo.

Director: John Hillcoat
Production Company: Stink
Producer: Malachy McAnneny
Agency: AMV/BBDO
Post Production: The Mill
Editor: Tom Lindsay

29 March 2012

"Sh*t Kids Say"

Trim was delighted to house the lovely director Amanda Boyle for her latest heartbreaking NSPCC ad, edited by Julia Knight. It's created a storm over the internet aswell as being Campaign Ad of the day. Here's what others are saying about it




NSPCC - 'Stuff Kids Say' from Trim Editing on Vimeo.

Director: Amanda Boyle
Production Company: Academy Films
Producer: Noreen Khan
Agency: Inferno
Creatives: Al Young, Tim Palmer
Editor: Julia Knight

14 March 2012

Dalston Psycho

Director Daniel Wolfe and editor Tom Lindsay have once again joined forces to create a truly magnificent piece of cinema for The Shoes' new song 'Time to Dance'. Shot by the highly acclaimed Robbie Ryan, it's a visually stunning feast featuring Hollywood swoonster Jake Gyllenhaal like you've never seen him before. You're going to want to watch it at least 3 times, maybe even 5!

The Shoes 'Time To Dance' from Trim Editing on Vimeo.

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Producer: Dougal Meese & Lee Groombridge
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
DP: Robbie Ryan
Picture & Music Editor: Tom Lindsay

08 March 2012

Get Your Edge Back

The lovely director, Arno Salters is up to his clever tricks again with the latest Wrangler campaign edited by the wholesome Gus Herdman. It features a cracking linear film along with an interactive website thats been scooping up the awards since its release!

Director: Arno Salter
Production Company/Agency: Stink Digital
Producer: Michelle Faucheaux
DOP: Shawn Kim
Editor: Gus Herdman

05 March 2012

NME Best Video 2012

Woop Woop, congratulations to director, WIZ and Trim's editor Julia Knight for winning this years NME Best Music Video award for Hurts 'Sunday'! Check it out:

01 March 2012

Cobra 'Train'

Director Daniel Wolfe has once again delivered a visually stunning commercial, this time round for Cobra. It's filled to the brim with an eclectic mix of characters from hipsters to gurus, (all street cast of course), getting crunked up on a train journey. We think it's a beautifully crafted spot, effortlessly pieced together by Tom Lindsay. Plus it makes us thirsty and gives our shoulders a work out to the brilliantly original track, what more do you want?

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Production Company: Somesuch and Co
Producer: Dougal Meese
Agency: BMB
Creative: Julie Martens
DP: Robbie Ryan
Editor:Tom Lindsay

24 February 2012

Coke Marathon

1568 days, 409 quicktimes, 47 bottles of prosecco, 1367 biscuits, 18816 cups of coffee, 1 huge live event and Trim finally polished off its biggest project to date; the Coke Olympics campaign, directed by the gorgeous Kim Gehrig!

The mammoth campaign involving a 1 hour documentary, concert visual, 2 music videos, numerous commercials and endless music editing started in August 2011 and has involved everyone at Trim at one point or another, apart from Paul who managed to slip through the net.

For nearly a year Kim Gehrig has been non stop working, traveling around the world for 3 months with her dedicated crew, including the fantastic DP Ross Mclennan and her producer Lucy Kelly, filming an array of athletes whilst following Mark Ronson on his momentous steps to creating the 2012 Olympic 'Move to Beat' record. This then accumulated towards an impressive live event/mini festival next door to the Olympic Stadium bringing the entire project to life. All this before setting up home at Trim HQ, running around between suites, cutting the doc with Jerry Chater and Tom Hemmings then skipping over to Tom Lindsay who was in charge of the music video, commercials and music edit.

A 30 minute edit of the documentary was broadcast on Channel 4 on Wednesday 15 February and will be available for further viewing on 4OD later this spring. Be sure to check it out!



20 February 2012

Pinnacle Vodka 'Whipped'

Check out talented directors, Liam and Grants latest sexy commercial for Pinnacle Vodka. Trim's Jerry Chater not only edited the spot but also created the music. That man has endless skills!

Directors: Liam and Grant
Production Company: Rascal Films / Another Film Company
Editor and Music: Jerry Chater
Lyric and Vocals: Sarah Nixey

02 February 2012

Big head Little Body

This hilarious music video for Beardyman's single 'Big Man' was directed by MindPenis, the brain/phallus combo of Chris Cairns & Ross McDowell. Trim's very own intellectual/imbecilic double-act, Gus Herdman & Ross Hallard, joined the duo in the cutting room to create this parody of tragic middle-class white kids playing gangsters, puffing on Bensons grasping their crotches - big balls and all that.

The video was shot on location in and around Chris' flat in Stokey and even features Trim's beloved horny bitch, Peanut. We especially like the exploding Trim sign in the titles, every post company's dream.

Directors: MindPenis - Chris Cairns and Ross 'The Boss' McDowell
Production Company: Partizan
Producer: Ben Murray and Chris Cairns
Edited by Ross Hallard and Gus Herdman@ Trim

19 January 2012

Coldplay 'Paradise'

At long last Shynola's stunning Coldplay's video for 'Paradise' has been unleashed. This is the first step into full-on live action for the trio, and boy have they cracked a corker. Beautifully edited by Julia Knight, the video is an enigmatic and endearing story that will remain with you for a good while.

Director: Shynola
Producer: Rob Small
Dop: Richard Stewart
Editor: Julia Knight

18 January 2012

We Heart Nopi

To kick off the festive season of 2011, the trimmers headed for a Prosecco induced evening at Yotam Ottolenghi's latest glamorous venture, Nopi. A minimalist interior with slick white tiles on the walls, lots of shiny brass fittings and a 'f*** me WOW' bathroom. Seriously, the bathroom alone is worth the visit. The walls are covered in mirrors jutting out at different angles creating a 70s psychadelic vision that leaves you wide-eyed and fumbling for the camouflaged toilet doors.

The menu is divided into meat, fish, veg and sweets with all the plates being small sharing sizes - (3 course meals are so passe). We started the feasting with a fresh and tangy dish of caramalised macademia and mango coleslaw, heavenly scallops with fennel puree and sweet pumpkin pie with salty manouri cheese and a lip-smacking ginger sabayon. The Trimmers forks were flying across the table snatching every last morsel of yumminess. Yottolenghi if you're listening, you should jar those macadamia nuts and sell them, because damn they were good.

A small break allowed for a second bathroom trip, this time with cameras in hand (you'll understand this madness once you experience the bathroom). Back in the restaurant our table was filled with round two of deliciousness. A seductively tender pork belly cassoulet with madeira prunes was presented in charming jam jars, tempting us to just pop one in our bags for a midnight treat. Another interesting dish of hibiscus and tea smoked quail with cumquat relish demonstrated Ottolenghi's successful fusion of exotic flavours. A heart warming dish of fondant swede and caerphilly gratin had everyone dribbling whilst stating repeatedly as if on drugs 'I don't even like swede, but I love this'. A last show stopping dish was chargrilled octopus with a banging salmorejo sauce and sweet morcilla. After this our brains drowned in foodie serotonin and we had no other choice but to order another bottle of their Cuvee rose 'Jeio', Bisol, just to lubricate our systems (please note that Trim now fully stocks this prosecco).

Desserts arrived just as we began to slump over, but nevertheless we raised our spoons like a cavalry standing to attention and devoured a christmassy mincemeat strudel with burnt orange and caramel ice cream and an creamy passion fruit meringue trifle creation all washed down with a 'pick me up' espresso martini! Oof it was gooood.

There wasn't a single dish to fault. Every flavour and texture was executed to a blinding perfection. Nopi is our favourite new restaurant and Ottolenghi is our new hero.

16 January 2012

'If' Behind the Scenes

Check out this behind the scenes of the very clever 'If' commercial, directed by the talented Adam Berg and cut by Tom Lindsay. These guys move fast....