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07 December 2011

King of The Cutters

Woop woop, all hail 'King of the Cutters' Mr Hardcastle who has just won 'Editor of the Year' at the Shots Awards!

2011 has seen Paul cut a flurry of impressive work including brilliant ads for Talk Talk, Cravendale, Coca Cola, Ikea and the phenomenal Intel 'Chase'. He's a non-stop, ebay-addict trimming machine and that's why we love him!

23 November 2011

Meerkat Love

Trim's had a long time love bond with the wonderful director, Darren Walsh of Passion Pictures. And our love child is Aleksandr Orlov, the weirdly charming, insurance-advertising Russian Meerkat (seriously who doesn't like him?!)

We love the Meerkat so much that three whole eager Trimmers Paul Hardcastle, Ross Hallard and Gus Herdman, were on board to cut a collection of lovely spots of Aleksandr Orlov handing out cute Meerkat toys to perplexed insurance purchasers - simples.

Director:Darren Walsh
Production Company: Passion Pictures
Producer: Russel McLean
Agency: VCCP
Creatives: Javier Romartinez, Stephen Misir
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Director:Darren Walsh
Production Company: Passion Pictures
Producer: Russel McLean
Agency: VCCP
Creatives: Javier Romartinez, Stephen Misir
Editor: Ross Hallard

Director:Darren Walsh
Production Company: Passion Pictures
Producer: Russel McLean
Agency: VCCP
Creatives: Javier Romartinez, Stephen Misir
Editor: Gus Herdman

One Shot Wonders

An Editors dream job, some might say. A 'cut with no cut' a 'ride with no bumps' a 'baby that doesn't scream' and ' 'a boozy night with no hangover', ok maybe not quite, but you get my drift. Here's a collection of delightful one shot wonders from the past year, cut by Tom, Dominic and Paul with our lovely directors Adam Berg, Arno Salters, Kim Gehrig and Tim Hope.

We like these jobs, give us more.

If 'Pool'
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Camp David
Producer: Rickard Edholm
Agency: Forsman and Bodenfors
DP: Linus Sandgren
Editor: Tom Lindsay

If 'Toy'
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Camp David
Producer: Rickard Edholm
Agency: Forsman and Bodenfors
DP: Linus Sandgren
Editor: Tom Lindsay

Ebay 'My One For All'
Director: Arno Salters
Production Company: Stink
Producer: Swantje Rummel
DP: Olivier Cariou
Editor: Dominic Leung

New Look '100 Days of Summer'
Director: Kim Gehrig
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Producer: Tania Kane
Agency: Mother
Editor: Dominic Leung

Mercedes 'Passing Through'
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Smuggler
Producer: Cory Berg
Agency: Merkley and Partners
DP: Max Malkin
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Comcast 'Moving Rooms'
Director: Tim Hope
Production Company: Passion Pictures
Producer: Russel McLean
Agency: The Martin Agency
DP: Dan Landin
Post: MPC
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

16 November 2011

Icelandic Skillz

Earlier this year we showed you the trailer for Borkur Sigthorsson's gripping short thriller 'Come To Harm' edited by Tom Lindsay and Ross Hallard. Now the film is swirling the international festivals and causing a storm, already picking up best Short Film at the Reykjavik International Film Festival (hooray!).

Next up is a rendezvous at the Encounters Festival in Bristol (Nov 16-20), so if you live round there you'd be stupid not to go watch it! We love you Borkur and your coffee-nazi ways!

11 November 2011

Move The Crowd

We love having Partizan director, Chris Cairns at Trim HQ. We're positive he's an actual-certified genius-brainiac, but more importantly we know he's an all-round good-egg. He's been here so much recently that we actually set up a desk for him, and we're still holding a couple of pairs of Converse in reserve too...

He's been here working on a triple-treat of projects with Ross (& Gus), some of which are still so secret, that if we showed you them we'd have to kill you.

Here is the first dance-tastic spot for Swatch. It's a chromatic frenzy pulled off with Chris' trademark technical panache, with effortless post, courtesy of our relentlessly superb friends, Time Based Arts.

Dir: Chris Cairns
Producer: Russell Curtis
Production Manager: Bonnie Anthony
Prod Co : Partizan
Post: Time Based Arts
Music: Trentemøller
Editor: Ross Hallard

Our Friend

Our buddies The Vikings have recently joined the new hot production kids on the block; Friend. They're an eclectic and inspiring mix of directors and have a great website at friendlondon.tv. It's all very, very friendly.

09 November 2011


Big love to Tom Lindsay who scooped up best editor at last nights MVA's! It was his brilliant Tom Vek 'Aroused' video directed by Saam Farahmand that bagged it. This is the second time he's been voted best editor this year, which makes him the official king of the cut!!!

Daniel Wolfe's legendary Blind Faith video, edited by Dominic Leung won Best Dance Video, and Best Styling! And for a second year running SomeSuch&Co's Tim Francis won Best Producer! Woop Woop!

03 November 2011

The Kills 'Baby Says'

Ross' latest offering is a collaboration with the multi-disciplined director Ben Crook, of Skin Flicks. And boy, is this a "Skinflick"...

This music film for super-cool two-piece The Kills, is a character study shot in Barcelona in a verité style, using non-professional actors. Our "Baby" is a 6' 2" semi-professional Brazilian volleyball player and transvestite, who becomes nearly 7" with his heels on.

We love the track, the film, the incredible high-heeled backflip and the edit. Hope you do too. Nice work, Ben & Ross.

Director: Ben Crook
Production Company: Skin Flicks
Producer: Chris Massey
DoP: Stuart Bentley
Colorist: Simona Harrison @ Prime Focus
Commissioner: Fiona Ghobrial
Editor: Ross Hallard @ Trim

31 October 2011

Our Shoe Hero

Mr Hardcastle is a pervert of shoes and furniture. He spends most of his time scouring the net to feed his fetish. Stalking ebay and finding new designers to pounce on. When he's not doing this, he edits. And now some folks over at Shots Awards 2011 have nominated him for 'Editor of the Year' as well as nominating his brilliant Intel 'Chase' spot for 'Tv Commercial of the Year'.

We think he should win because he's a bloody brilliant editor with a lust for leather and lamps and that's truly something special.

28 October 2011

Ark Music Selection - Rustie "Ultra Thizz"

Welcome to the first in a regular series of fine tracks selected by guest contributor Dominic Goodman of Ark Music. Take it away Dom!

I like Rustie. I liked his Bad Science EP on Wireblock, his single with Joker on Kapsize, his Inside Pikachus track from the Warp 20 album. When I first heard about the “aquacrunk” scene to which Rustie was attributed, for a short while I thought of cashing in and starting an Aquacrunkercize™ class in one of London’s trendy high end gyms. It would be like a cyber “Perfect” with me at the helm. Sadly it never happened. What did happen is Rustie signed to Warp and we now finally have his debut album. It’s good. Have a listen to the above link, then go and buy the album so he has some money to make more music.


18 October 2011

Discover our Hood

Check out this Phil Maxwell exhibition at the Bishopsgate Institution, running till November 30th. The show includes photos from his youth years in Liverpool to his later life in good old East London. His collection is an impressive archive of the working East London street Life, documenting the communities that continue to inhabit the area. Definitely worth a visit!

Bishopsgate Institute
230Bishopsgate, EC2M 4QH

17 October 2011

Mr. Motor Man

Paul Hardcastle doesn't possess the necessary skills to earn a driving license for 4 wheels, hence he opts for 2 wheels, riding around London on his moped showing off his shiny shoes to the undiscerning public, whilst his scarf stylishly flutters in the wind. I don't think he even likes cars, yet he's become the Trim King of car ads. They just keep on comin at him and he keeps on wheelin them out.

Here's a couple of the spots he's kept under his bonnet for a while!

Ford Grand C-Max - In Your Hands
Director: Asif Mian (1stAveMachine)
Agency: Ogilvy
Production Company: Stink
Producer: Fran Thompson
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Infinity M Hybrid - Remember
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Smuggler, Los Angeles
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Producer: David Hoogenakker
DOP: Joost Van Gelder
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Citroen - Bubble
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Stink, Paris
DOP: Linus Sandgren
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Audi A6, Manipulation
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Stink
Producer: Ben Croker
DP: Joost Van Gelder
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Mercedes - Unchained
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Smuggler
Agency: Merkley Newman Harty
Agency Producer: Alex Kobak
Creative Director: Andy Hirsch

14 October 2011

Paul's Breakdown

Finally we can reveal the directors cut for Adam Berg's Talk Talk commercial!

Earlier this year in April, Paul Hardcastle locked himself away in his suite for two weeks and listened to 'Unchained Melody, non-stop. We wondered if he had finally cracked or if he was having some 'good time' with Demi Moore. It turned out he was cutting Adam Berg's cosy ad for Talk Talk, featuring an array of cute characers. It's a mixture of live action, stop-frame clay animation and 3D animation, to create a beautiful piece that reflects all the emotion in the original Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze scene. Kind of.

Director: Adam Berg

Production company: Stink

Producer: Ben Croker
Agency: CHI & Partners, London

Executive Creative Director: Warren Moore

Creatives: Matt Collier, Wayne Robinson

Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Post-production: Glassworks

12 October 2011

Woop Woop Tom!

Trim's Tom Lindsay is in contention for the 6th year running at the 2011 MVA awards.

His cut for Saam's Tom Vek video, as always, is up against some heavy-weight-comp-eti-tion.

Also Trim regulars Daniel Wolfe and Saam Farahmand are nestled together in the best director category, whilst Tim Francis goes for seconds as Best Producer and Bob Harlow takes on the Best New Director competition

Good luck everyone!

10 October 2011

Missing Our Deals Will Haunt You

Dom was recently re-united with his buddies Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith (Hammer and Tongs) to cut this beautifully shot hair-raising ad for Phones 4 U. Sadly it's proved to be controversial as the bored sector of the British public have been wetting their pants over it, because its just too damn scary...boo hoo. Little do they know that the ad had to be re-shot as the original spot was deemed too horrifying by the client (I'll leave it to your imagination). Keep an eye out for another upcoming cinematic ad from the 'Incredible Three'.

Director: Garth Jennings
Production Company: Hammer and Tongs
Producer: Nick Goldsmith
Agency: Adam and Eve
Creative: Aidan McClure and Laurent Simon
TV Producer: Leila Bartlam
Post Production: Prime Focus /MPCVFX
Producer: Tareq Kubaisi

06 October 2011


This beautifully shot (Chris Doyle) and enchanting extended spot for Nationwide was directed by the lovely Eric Lynne and cut by Dominic Leung. It's certainly the most exciting bank ad we've seen in ages!

Whats more exciting though, is the number of avocados that were consumed by Eric Lynne over the course of the edit. I can confirm that out of all the directors that walk into Trim HQ, no doubt he has the best sheen and his digestive system is probably in good order too.

Director: Eric Lynne
Production Company: Partizan
Producer: Miranda Johnstone
Agency: 18 Feet and Rising
Creatives: Johnny Leathers, Matt Keon
DP: Chris Doyle
Editor: Dominic Leung
Post Production: MPC

29 September 2011

Made by Dave

Julia Knights' scissor-hands have been lately snipping away at Trim, creating a whole flurry of wonderful work. One of which is this cute and colourful spot for the Dave Channel, directed by Simon Crabtree and Luke Tilly. Look out for the rest of the bumpers and spots as well as some more of Miss Knight's exciting work!

Director: Simon Crabtree and Luke Tilly
Production Company: Red Bee
Editor: Julia Knight

13 September 2011

Girls Kick Ball For East Africa

Trim Producer, Naz Foroodian has been getting her kit on with her feisty team Girlcore and hitting the grass in the name of charity. Park grass that is, and football's the name of the game. Give a bit of love by sponsoring her here : http://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/girlcorewins

07 September 2011

Trims' Got The Hump

Its been a while since we launched the Trim bag and if you managed to get your hands on one, well you're incredibly privileged and lucky, much like this Camel in Egypt whom we did a recent commercial with about water retention tablets... (sorry).

31 August 2011

Prada Autumn/Winter Collection

Trim was thrilled to work a second time round, on Prada's 2011 sexualy charged, futuristic Winter campaign. Dressed in their best Marks and Sparks holey jumpers and crumbly shoes, Paul Hardcastle cut the full length sensual spot whilst Leila Sarraf assisted and cut the sexy sunglasses. It was directed by the delightful James Lin and shot by none other then photographic king Steven Meisel. James even gave the trimmers lessons on how to perfect the 'seal on couch' pose, but it doesn't quite work unless you're a skinny 16 year old dressed head to toe in Prada (picture of Paul to come).

Prada Autumn/Winter 2011 Campaign
Creative Director: DJA
DOP: Steven Meisel
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Prada Eyewear Autumn/Winter 2011
Creative Director: DJA
DOP: Steven Meisel
Editor: Leila Sarraf

19 August 2011

Future Flames

Trim was more then happy to harbour director Jaron Albertin for 2 weeks, working on Coca Colas' Olympics campaign with Paul Hardcastle. The stunning ad features Gus Herdman's twin brother, actor Thomas Turgoose running through the London streets passing young guns and kids hanging in tree houses - the creme de la creme of the future. Beautifully shot by Rob Hardy, and expertly cut by Paul Hardcastle, Coca Cola has never looked so cool.

Director: Jaron Albertin
Production Company: Smuggler
Producer: Barty Dearden
Photography: Rob Hardy
Agency: Mother
Post Production: The Mill
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

17 August 2011

BBC Proms

Not so long ago, Trim was delighted to have the charming W.I.Z. back in the east den, working with Julia Knight on a big up BBC Proms campaign. The ad features a brilliantly cut series of projections in a tunnel to evoke the wondrousness of classical music.

Its elegant, bewitching and very W.I.Z... we likey.

Director: W.I.Z
Agency: Karmarama
Production Company: Red Bee
Producer: Jo Yeldham
Creative Directors : Sam and Joe
Creatives: Simon and Stephen
Editor: Julia F Knight

Emeli Sande 'Heaven

Check out Jake Nava's latest video for new singer sensation Emeli Sande. Edited by the talented Julia Knight @ Trim HQ, the video is a beautiful textured montage (some of which was filmed by Trims' friend Nyco Dyszel), of 'Landan sceenes' - specifically Bethnal Green, the Trim endz, innit.

Director: Jake Nava
Production Company: Cherry Films
Producer: Ben Cooper
Commissioner: James Hackett@ EMI Music
Editor: Julia F Knight

04 August 2011

Milk Me Brian

Paul Hardcastle's long time lovely associates, The Vikings, have done it again with this charming and imaginative ad for Cravendale, featuring a genius and rather stunning angel cow. Paul nearly got the part of the angel cow, but was rejected on the grounds of his effeminate voice. It's a little freaky, very funny and surprisingly profound..seriously 'who first thought to milk a cow?'

Directors: The Vikings
Production company: Rokkit
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London

Creative directors: Sam Heath, Chris Groom

Creatives: Hollie Walker, Freddie Powell

Editor: Paul Hardcastle

03 August 2011

A Life Well Lived

Daniel Wolfe's latest gem, spans the life of San Miguel from the 1950s to present time. Shot with a variety of cameras; super 8, high 8, 35mm, 16mm and VHS C the ad is a sumptuous montage of textures and eras, characters and bottles, sunsets and venues. With a delicate and endearing cut from Tom Lindsay, the spot is a wonderful and subtle muse of Spain and its good times. Now pass me that beer.

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Producer: Nicky Barnes
Exec Producer: Sally Campbell
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Creatives: David Goss and Ollie Wolf
DP: Robbie Ryan
Editor: Tom Lindsay

21 July 2011

Detour Warsaw

Warsaw was voted second most boring city in Europe, after Brussels (lets face it, its claim to fame is a small statue of a boy pissing?!). And Warsaw is probably boring because its industrial and cold which as we all know breeds misery...until now....

The lovely director Seb Edwards brings the Polish sights to life in a 2 minute film that follows a group of trendy 'happy' cyclists wheeling, hopping and skidding across the night lit Warsaw landscape, all slickly cut together by Tom Lindsay. Warsaw has never looked so exciting.

Director: Seb Edwards
Production Company: Academy Films
Production Company Producer: Dominic Thomas
Agency: Fearlessly Frank
Agency Producer: Selina Dey
Director of Photography: Lassee Frank
Editors: Tom Lindsay

11 July 2011

Sexy Smoke

Yes kids, smoking is fucking cool and sexy and makes you dance well. Saam Farahmand says so, with his new stunning video for Tom Vek.

A smoky, smouldering and surprisingly abstract extravaganza that requires several viewings due to its geniusness...(I know that's not a real word) both in concept and edit. Hats off to the Farahmand / Lindsay super duo!

Tom Vek: Aroused on Nowness.com.

Director: Saam Farahmand
Producer: James Waters
Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss@ the mill
Editor: Tom Lindsay

The Vaccines

Bob Harlow's latest video for The Vaccines 'Norgaard' is a short and sweet slice of careless fun, made increasingly watchable due to the sexy model and of course Tom Lindsay's magic gold cutting fingers. He should really get those insured.

Director: Bob Harlow
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Producers: Tim Francis & Lee Groombridge
DoP: Lol Crawley
Grade: Luke Morrison @ The Mill
Editor: Tom Lindsay @ Trim

17 June 2011

Leung Not Cheung!

T Mobile's latest ad 'Angry Birds', directed by Greg Brunkalla (of Legs) has had a whopping 5 million hits already on Youtube, whilst defaming poor Dominic's name. Its Leung, not Cheung, dammit!

Anyway, the ad's a brilliant real-life re-creation of the popular Angry Birds game, set in Barcelona and shot with 8 different cameras. Whilst Dom was busy scouring through the extensive footage to create his masterpiece, the lovely Greg Brunkalla kept busy at Trim by perfecting his pronunciation of the delightful English word 'bollocks'. Over and over again he tried, yet failed to sound like anyone but Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Good times- bowlux.

Director: Legs – Greg Brunkalla
Production Company: Rokkit
Producer: Kate O’mulloy, Jennifer Kennedy
Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, International
International Creative Director: Jason Romeyko
Art Director: Luca Pannese
Editor: Dominic Cheung@Trim (haha)
Post-Production Company: Rushes

Congratulations Tommy!

Woop Woop -the music video editing king has done it again, scooping up a pencil for best editing on the Plan B 'Prayin' video, directed by Daniel Wolfe at last nights D&AD awards!

09 June 2011

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Walter Stern recently directed this colourful spot for Dutch Financial Institution, Rabobank, or rather 'rob a bank' as we like to call it at Trim.

It was shot in China, Germany and the Netherlands, lit by award winning DP Marcel Zyskind and deftly cut by Tom Lindsay. The piece is a playful orchestration of lights, creating an arresting visual feast. Mmm good idea.

Director: Walter Stern
Production Company: Academy Films
Producer: Dominic Thomas
Editor: Tom Lindsay

03 June 2011

The Corner Rooms

Earlier this week, the few trimmers that weren't masquerading around Europe or having an MRI scan, decided to relish a quiet day , make like the french and actually go out for a three course lunch and maybe even drink some wine...gasp.

The chosen destination was London's latest top secret restaurant 'The Corner Rooms', headed by Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes. It's hidden away in the shadows of Mendes's first London restaurant, Viajante (probably the most controversial restaurant to have opened last year) in the austere, beautiful and according to Leila, haunted Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel.

There's no website, no phone and no reservations. The only evidence of it's existence is a lonely facebook page. This is the first reason why this place is great. The second reason is that the menu is short, 3 starters, 4 mains and 3 desserts. Third reason, is the price. Compared to the eye opening prices at Viajante, eating at The Corner Room feels like you've just found a £50 note on the pavement. Without wine, £20 for 3 courses of simple yet exceptionally executed dishes leaves you laughing at the fools next door.

We fell into silence at the feet of a super rich poached egg starter served with asparagus and pop in your mouth tapioca balls. Iron levels were raised with a hunk of lamb encrusted with macacadamia nuts and miso,
that bled beautifully into the new potatoes. A satisfying loin of park was partnered with sweet scrapings of fried portugese bread. Two very different desserts were chocolate cake scattered like a painting with peanut butter ice cream, caramel, fudge, mousse and lemon cream. This was seriously good. A second more unusual dessert was a herby granita, totted with goats cheese blobs, blueberries, toasted brioche and minimal caramel. It tasted like a perfectly plotted summer garden. Our only issue at The Corner Room was the sloooow service. Problem being that there only appeared to be one chef to start with, and then as the room filled I guess more were nabbed from Viajante, hooray!

We left, bellies full, feeling smug and a tiny bit bitter that the french do this all the time. I guess we will just have to make a more conscious effort to seize the quiet days and luxuriate ourselves in the E2 eating opportunities.

Go to Corner Rooms before the prices go up and a phone line is put in.

02 June 2011

(The Iceman) Come To Harm

Here for your visual pleasure is the trailer for Borkur Sigthorsson's upcoming short film Come To Harm. Edited at Trim earlier this year by Tom Lindsay and Ross Hallard,

The film tells the story of Stefan (Björn Thors), whose life descends into turmoil, when he senses an intruder in his home and panic quickly turns to grim determination.

As usual, Borkur's skillfull characterisation and fantastic photography ignites the film and leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat!

Director: Borkur Sigthorsson

Editor: Ross Hallard and Tom Lindsay

26 May 2011

The Raw and the Cooked

We trimmers lurvvve our food. And if you've ever been to our office you'll know we take our lunches seriously, always sitting around a big table together and planning our meal for the next day.

However when director Daniel Wolfe is in the house, feasting becomes momentous. Together we savagely devour huge spicy lamb chops (Taayabs), comforting beef pies (Pellicis), volcanic Szechuan dishes (Gourmet San) all followed by cermonial afternoon teas (Albion) or chased with a dirty Nandos. This whole hearted devotion to food has led Mr Wolfe to make a mouth-watering, retro food porno, cut by no other then Trim's executive feeder Leila Sarraf. A lip smacking dream job for the both of them.

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Production Company: Somesuch and Co
Producer: Tim Francis
Editor: Leila Sarraf

11 May 2011

Car Smut

Last month, Ford Focus launched a global campaign to pitch their latest car with its new extraordinary technologies, like parking itself..crazy huh. It was a colossal job involving 16 edits which resulted in approximately 500 total versions for across the world! Belgium based editor Martin Leroy set up camp at Trim working alongside Ross Hallard who cut the 60" and 30" versions.

If you get off on the porny macro shots , you'll probably like to know that they were achieved by slicing cross-sections of the engine and hand cranking the individual parts! Sex.

Director: Raf Wathion
Prod Company: Rokkit Producer: Luke Jacobs
Agency: Ogilvy

Agency Producer: Kim Parrett

Creatives: Greg (Oglivy Europe), Gary & Shakey (Ogilvy Detroit)

DOP: Patrick Otten

Editors: Martin Leroy & Ross Hallard

Sound Design: Ross Hallard

10 May 2011

100 Days of Rendering

Imagine making a salad without actually cutting any vegetables. So maybe you have to do a bit of flattening, mushing and careful arrangement to pass it off as a salad. That's my bad analogy for Dominic Leung's complex handiwork for Kim Gehrig's luscious New Look ad. With no apparent cuts, the 'camera' seamlessly pans across 30 layers of HD footage, creating a canvas of summertime girliness. Very impressive.

Director: Kim Gehrig
Production Company: Somesuch & Co Producer: Tania Kane
Creative Agency: Mother

Creatives: Brik Hedman, Julia Stenius, Sarah Byre, Stephen Led Ger-Lomas

Editor: Dominic Leung

Jake & Jarrett. Yes!

Trim has proudly been playing host to the charming east London native Jake Nava and the super cool editor Jarrett Fijal.

Jarrett flew over from LA to cut Jake's new Lucozade spot. It features uber rapper Tinie Tempah, drummer/entrepreneur Travis Barker and kick ass boxer Katie Taylor. It makes Lucozade cool again after decades of being the choice of kids wagging school and pretending to be ill in bed.

It's a dope edit as one might expect from the man that did this and this and this.

27 April 2011

D&AD Noms!

Daniel Wolfe, Saam Farahmand and Tom Lindsay are nominated in this year's D&AD awards.

Daniel is nominated for his seminal Chase & Status video Blind Faith, and also for Plan B's Prayin.

Saam is In Book for his retrospective Boy George piece for Mark Ronson's Somebody To Love Me

And Trim's Tom Lindsay is nominated in the editing category for his work on Plan B's Prayin as well!

Good luck!!

26 April 2011

Absolut Dalston

Long time Trim affiliate, Saam Farahamand will be bringing together music, art, dance and film, to create a truly arresting piece of work this Friday in Dalston for the Land of Kings shenanigan! If you don't go check it out, you're a loser.

19 April 2011

Homo Sapiens Have Each Other

Paul recently auditioned for the part of a Neanderthal for Bacardi's latest charming ad directed by Johnny Kelly at Nexus. Sadly he was rejected on account of his massive shoe collection and so resorted to editing it instead. The colourful and cute visuals urge us to ignore the OMG's and LOL's and get back to our Homo Sapien roots, which no doubt are based on the mystical mix of Bacardi, lime and cola.

Agency: Y&R New York
Production: Nexus Productions
Director: Johnny Kelly
Production company: Nexus Productions
Art Director: James Hatt, Devon Hong
Producer: Natalie Le Berre, Tamara Lecker
Post production: Time Based Arts
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

14 April 2011

Trim in Majorca

Ross Hallard's editing milieu was perked up recently when he was flown out to the stunning
Porto Pollenca in Majorca (miles away from the condom/grenadine saturation of Magaluf) to watch bikini clad supermodels hop about limblessly. As always he kept his professional stance and focused his sun blurred eyes on his laptop screen in order to cut several spots for German fashion brand, OTTO's Spring/Summer collection. Watch this space for the final ads!

Pulse Of The City

Range Rover have launched a Pulse of The City project to launch their new Evoque. The project involves an iphone app (of course) that maps out your personal journey through the city, leaving you dumbfounded at the highly unexcitable generated image. The ad however is exciting. Directed by Bob Harlow, edited by Dominic Leung and shot by Steve Annis, the spot's rhythmic tempo, colourful characters and sharp sounds evoke the feel of each city beautifully. Yeeha!

Director: Bob Harlow
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Producer: Nicky Barnes
Exec Producer: Tim Nash
Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers London
DOP: Steve Annis
Editor: Dominic Leung
Post: MPC

13 April 2011

Wolfe and the Royal Wedding

For Daniel Wolfe's latest commerical, he turned his attention to the talents of three Corgis dogs to promote the new Freeview HD. Wolfe injected the dogs with a dose of Royal Wedding merriment, sending them on an eager journey across the countryside towards the dwellings of London to meet their fellow Corgi friends, so they can all sit round together and watch the Royal Wedding in full HD, rather then the shitty normal res that people in the country are subjected to. As always with Mr Wolfe's work, it's shot beautifully with a retro tinge creating a brilliantly British chunk of summertime anticipation.

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Producer: Sally Campbell
Production Manager: Tim Francis
Dop: Lol Crawley
Editor: Tom lindsay
Telecine: Simon Bounre at Framestore
Sound: Wave

18 March 2011

The Defamation of Strickland Banks

Tom Lindsay did a fine job summarizing the good times and bad times of Strickland Banks in this sharp and epic recent trailer. Commissioned for the Brit Awards, this brilliantly edited short ties up all the Plan B videos that Daniel Wolfe directed set against a new unreleased track. The trailer was played on screen alongside live choreographed scenes on stage, bringing the dramatic chronicle to life.

03 March 2011

We Won!

The Winners of Ted's Ads Worth Spreading competition have been revealed and three, yes THREE of Paul Hardcastle's ads are amongst the triumphant winners! Woop Woop for the editing shoeper man! (hehe)

The three special spots are the magical Hornbach and Heimat ad
'The Infinite House', directed by Woof Wan Bau, the superb and uplifting Dulux ad by Adam Berg and finally the recent ingenious Intel ad, 'The Chase' created by Smith & Foulkes.

18 February 2011

Radiohead 'Lotus Flower'

Keeping secrets are fuking hard, especially when you're Leila Sarraf and you've just edited a Radiohead video with the bleeming lovely Garth Jennings along with an afternoon doing changes with Thom Yorke, only to be told that you can't tell a soul until it's released...4/5 weeks laters. Everytime she got drunk, the secret would bubble up inside of her and the only solution would be to take herself home, before she stood on top of the bar and screamed it out.

And now it's finally disclosed and she can sleep again and everyone else can enjoy the brilliantly refreshing sight of Thom Yorke throwing sexy hard ass moves that would make Beyonce blush. It's beautiful, it's simple, it's raw, its absolute genius.

Director: Garth Jennings
DP: Nick Wood
Choreographer: Wayne McGregor
Editor: Leila Sarraf

17 February 2011

Trim In Poland

Lots of lard, dumplings and animals were consumed when the infamous Trim bag ventured to the wild Tatra mountains of Poland, chaperoned by Ross Hallard, who was doing a spot of on-shoot cutting for Henry Mason's latest mobile phone commercial. Na Zdrowie!

02 February 2011

Girls, Girls, Girls

Over christmas, Trim had the pleasure of messing around with five dancing girls by the names of Zuzanna, Tati, Mariacarla, Kinga and Arizona (seriously we're not making the names up). And by messing, we mean some jolly good, clean editing, 'Consequences' style (remember that game?!) by Paul Hardcastle, Dominic Leung and Leila Sarraf.

Keep you're eyes peeled, as there are more dancing prada dada videos to come!

Creative Direction: DJA
Producer: Naz Foroodian
Editors: Dominic Leung, Paul Hardcastle, Leila Sarraf

Distressed Jeans

Fancy distressing and manipulating some sexy looking footage? 'err...what?' I hear you say, dont wonder, just head over to Wranglers site and get all interactive with their new online campaign
edited by Ross Hallard and directed by Petrovsky and Ramone of uber creative Stink Digital.

28 January 2011

Alex Clare ' Up All Night'

Its a fookin tuuunnnnee! Last year we couldn't get enough of this song by up and coming, London musician Alex Clare. It makes you want to jiggle and wiggle and maybe take drugs and dance till dawn. So we were only too happy to listen to it on repeat whilst Trim's Ross Hallard cut the engimatic and beautifully shot (Steve Annis) video directed by Blake Claridge. Sexy stuff.

Director: Blake Claridge

Producer: Gail Davey

Prod Company: Davey Inc

Dop: Steve Annis

Editor: Ross Hallard @ Trim

Colourist: James Tillett @ Prime Focus

25 January 2011

The Shoes 'Stay the Same'

Daniel Wolfe's latest video features a gripping and intense performance from actor Johnny Harris.The captivating edit from Tom Lindsay successfully delivers the harrowing highs and lows of a man in turmoil. Plus the song's pretty damn catchy too!

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Prod co: Somesuch & Co.
Producer: Tim Francis
Exec Producer: Tim Nash/Matthew Watson
DoP: Lol Crawley
Editor: Tom Lindsay at Trim
Telecine: Simon Bourne at Framestore
Commissioner: Pierre Le Ny

18 January 2011

Intel 'The Chase'

Every now and then, Trim's Paul Hardcastle vanishes from Bethnal Green like a super hero/CIA agent and returns in a blink of an eye, looking slightly bedazzled and weary.

'Where did you go Paul?'

'Oh just to Prague',

'Why did you go there?'

'Oh just to cut this super cool, slick ass, action packed, extremely clever Intel ad, created by San Francisco agency, Venables Bell & Partners',

'Who directed it?'

'Those ingenious directors Smith & Foulkes at Nexus',

'Cool, can we see it?'

'Sure, but do you want to see my new shoes first?'

Agency: Venables Bell + Partners
Creative Directors: Paul Foulkes, Tyler Hampton & David Kim
Art Director: Beau Hanson,
Agency Producer: Kacey hart
Production Company: Nexus Productions
Director: Alan Smith, Adam Foulkes (Smith & Foulkes)
Producer: Tracey Cooper
Production Manager: Alistair Pratten
Animation/VFX: Nexus Production
Director of Photography: Oliver Wood @ Murtha Agency
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Colour / Flame: James Allen & Sheldon Gardner @ Time Based Arts