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13 April 2011

Wolfe and the Royal Wedding

For Daniel Wolfe's latest commerical, he turned his attention to the talents of three Corgis dogs to promote the new Freeview HD. Wolfe injected the dogs with a dose of Royal Wedding merriment, sending them on an eager journey across the countryside towards the dwellings of London to meet their fellow Corgi friends, so they can all sit round together and watch the Royal Wedding in full HD, rather then the shitty normal res that people in the country are subjected to. As always with Mr Wolfe's work, it's shot beautifully with a retro tinge creating a brilliantly British chunk of summertime anticipation.

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Producer: Sally Campbell
Production Manager: Tim Francis
Dop: Lol Crawley
Editor: Tom lindsay
Telecine: Simon Bounre at Framestore
Sound: Wave