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24 August 2010

A Double Dose of Hillcoat!

Acclaimed director John Hillcoat has recently been hanging his hat at Trim. Working with long term collaborator Tom Lindsay, he's turned in a couple of fine pieces of work...

First on the menu is his video for Nick Cave's outfit, Grinderman. The video is an irreverent stew of shot elements, green screen, archive (and stuff from John's iPhone!). From Lazer-gods to hairy monsters to comet-conducting-dogs - it seems like the older Cave and Co get, the younger they become. The video is the finale after a
two-month-internet-tease, hopefully it lives up to the hype...

Director: John Hillcoat
Production Company: Factory Films
Producer: Malachy McAnenney
DOP: Steve Annis/Mark Adcock
Online: Rushes
Commissioner: John Moule
Editor: Tom Lindsay

Second is Unkle's new release 'The Answer'. The video features renowned actor, Ray Winstone like you've never seen him before as he re-tells his brush with death, when hit by lightning as a youngster. The powers of divine intervention left him with a gusto for life and us, with a video filled to the brim with lots of dramatic and awe-inspiring footage. Ah..life..dont you love it!

Director: John Hillcoat
Production company: Factory Films
Producer: Paul Fennelly
DOP: Blake Claridge
Online/FX: Dan Sollis @ Digital Distortion
Commissioner: Charlotte Osborn
Editor: Tom Lindsay

13 August 2010

Trim's Vidz from the Crypt

Every month, the trimmers are going to resurrect some classic, unforgettable, mind blowing videos that will no doubt inspire your days and elevate your moods. This month, Tom and Leila have picked two wondrous hits, setting the bar high for future entries.


Dark Horses

There can be no doubt that Dark Horses are a force to be reckoned with. That's probably why they are invited again and again to support Kasabian. As a live band they are haunting, compelling and greater than the sum of their parts, making them a suitable support for the recent Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tour.

W.I.Z recently created this film as an introduction to the band, their music and mystery. Edited by Leila Sarraf, you can catch the film on the big screen at Duke of York Cinema, Friday 20th August in Brighton!

Is it art? Is it culture? Is it the revolution? You decide.


To celebrate street artist Ben Eine getting all fancy and having his work in Barak Obama's house we've mocked up our own EINE piece. Cool hu?

If you read, watch or listen to the news you've probably heard that David Cameron gave Obama a painting that reads TWENTY FIRST CENTURY CITY. The next day EINE took to our local streets and painted a piece on Hackney road reading THE STRANGEST WEEK. Below we captured a rare image of the artist at work.

Opinion is divided on all this; some people think it's brilliant, some people think it's not cool when David Cameron buys your art. Either way we think it must be pretty fun graffing up London town, and then name-dropping the PM when the cops show.

There's no shortage of EINE work in the area. Check out this Google Map showing some of the alphabet pieces HERE.

10 August 2010

"Super Mario Galaxy 2" for Nintendo

Let's pay homage to Super Mario Galaxy 2, Nintendo's 3D incarnation of Super Super Mario Brothers. The original was born 1985 and remained the most popular video game of all time until 2009. As a child of the 80's Trim blogger is proud to have been with Mario all the way, right back to the Donkey Kong years when computers gave us graphics like THIS.

Gus has just cut this spot featuring our favorite little intergalactic plumber . The ad was directed by Mini Vegas at nearby Nexus in Shoreditch.

Director:Mini Vegas
Editor:Gus Herdman
Producer: Luke Youngman
Production company: Nexus
Post production: Time Based Arts

Trivia- The Japanese name for Super Mario Galaxy 2 is: スーパーマリオギャラクシー2 Sūpā Mario Gyarakushī Tsū

09 August 2010

Paul's Hornbach Cut

Paul has just cut this charming film for Hornbach Home Improvement in Germany. The film was directed Woof Wan Bau for Radical Media , and posted at Time Based Arts in Shoreditch. Everything from the whimsical art direction, to the pleasantly pinky sound track, lulls us into a warm, fuzzy place. But there's an edge to it too; it has surreal and even borderline dark undertones. We've never seen anything this magical before for a DIY shop!

Director: Woof Wan Bau

Production Company: Radical Media
Agency: Heimat, Berlin
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser
Exec producer:Christiane Dressler
DOP: Jallo Faber
Creatives: Guido-Heffels, Matthias Storath
Production Designer: James Hatt
Music: Martin Landquist
Post: Time Based Arts

03 August 2010

Klaxons "Echoes"

Saam's latest vid for Klaxons track "Echoes" has something of the oldskool about it. There are some serious rock staples here people; sunset, the desert, fire, lens flair, slow-mo, men with guitars standing on phallic pillars of earth. Nice.

Great work from Dom on the editing front. And it's been fun having Saam around again.


Director: Saam Farahmand
Prod co: Partizan
Producer: Ben Sullivan
Commissioner: Ross Anderson
DoP: Magni Augusson
Editor: Dom Leung

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