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09 August 2010

Paul's Hornbach Cut

Paul has just cut this charming film for Hornbach Home Improvement in Germany. The film was directed Woof Wan Bau for Radical Media , and posted at Time Based Arts in Shoreditch. Everything from the whimsical art direction, to the pleasantly pinky sound track, lulls us into a warm, fuzzy place. But there's an edge to it too; it has surreal and even borderline dark undertones. We've never seen anything this magical before for a DIY shop!

Director: Woof Wan Bau

Production Company: Radical Media
Agency: Heimat, Berlin
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser
Exec producer:Christiane Dressler
DOP: Jallo Faber
Creatives: Guido-Heffels, Matthias Storath
Production Designer: James Hatt
Music: Martin Landquist
Post: Time Based Arts