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24 August 2010

A Double Dose of Hillcoat!

Acclaimed director John Hillcoat has recently been hanging his hat at Trim. Working with long term collaborator Tom Lindsay, he's turned in a couple of fine pieces of work...

First on the menu is his video for Nick Cave's outfit, Grinderman. The video is an irreverent stew of shot elements, green screen, archive (and stuff from John's iPhone!). From Lazer-gods to hairy monsters to comet-conducting-dogs - it seems like the older Cave and Co get, the younger they become. The video is the finale after a
two-month-internet-tease, hopefully it lives up to the hype...

Director: John Hillcoat
Production Company: Factory Films
Producer: Malachy McAnenney
DOP: Steve Annis/Mark Adcock
Online: Rushes
Commissioner: John Moule
Editor: Tom Lindsay

Second is Unkle's new release 'The Answer'. The video features renowned actor, Ray Winstone like you've never seen him before as he re-tells his brush with death, when hit by lightning as a youngster. The powers of divine intervention left him with a gusto for life and us, with a video filled to the brim with lots of dramatic and awe-inspiring footage. Ah..life..dont you love it!

Director: John Hillcoat
Production company: Factory Films
Producer: Paul Fennelly
DOP: Blake Claridge
Online/FX: Dan Sollis @ Digital Distortion
Commissioner: Charlotte Osborn
Editor: Tom Lindsay