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26 May 2011

The Raw and the Cooked

We trimmers lurvvve our food. And if you've ever been to our office you'll know we take our lunches seriously, always sitting around a big table together and planning our meal for the next day.

However when director Daniel Wolfe is in the house, feasting becomes momentous. Together we savagely devour huge spicy lamb chops (Taayabs), comforting beef pies (Pellicis), volcanic Szechuan dishes (Gourmet San) all followed by cermonial afternoon teas (Albion) or chased with a dirty Nandos. This whole hearted devotion to food has led Mr Wolfe to make a mouth-watering, retro food porno, cut by no other then Trim's executive feeder Leila Sarraf. A lip smacking dream job for the both of them.

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Production Company: Somesuch and Co
Producer: Tim Francis
Editor: Leila Sarraf

11 May 2011

Car Smut

Last month, Ford Focus launched a global campaign to pitch their latest car with its new extraordinary technologies, like parking itself..crazy huh. It was a colossal job involving 16 edits which resulted in approximately 500 total versions for across the world! Belgium based editor Martin Leroy set up camp at Trim working alongside Ross Hallard who cut the 60" and 30" versions.

If you get off on the porny macro shots , you'll probably like to know that they were achieved by slicing cross-sections of the engine and hand cranking the individual parts! Sex.

Director: Raf Wathion
Prod Company: Rokkit Producer: Luke Jacobs
Agency: Ogilvy

Agency Producer: Kim Parrett

Creatives: Greg (Oglivy Europe), Gary & Shakey (Ogilvy Detroit)

DOP: Patrick Otten

Editors: Martin Leroy & Ross Hallard

Sound Design: Ross Hallard

10 May 2011

100 Days of Rendering

Imagine making a salad without actually cutting any vegetables. So maybe you have to do a bit of flattening, mushing and careful arrangement to pass it off as a salad. That's my bad analogy for Dominic Leung's complex handiwork for Kim Gehrig's luscious New Look ad. With no apparent cuts, the 'camera' seamlessly pans across 30 layers of HD footage, creating a canvas of summertime girliness. Very impressive.

Director: Kim Gehrig
Production Company: Somesuch & Co Producer: Tania Kane
Creative Agency: Mother

Creatives: Brik Hedman, Julia Stenius, Sarah Byre, Stephen Led Ger-Lomas

Editor: Dominic Leung

Jake & Jarrett. Yes!

Trim has proudly been playing host to the charming east London native Jake Nava and the super cool editor Jarrett Fijal.

Jarrett flew over from LA to cut Jake's new Lucozade spot. It features uber rapper Tinie Tempah, drummer/entrepreneur Travis Barker and kick ass boxer Katie Taylor. It makes Lucozade cool again after decades of being the choice of kids wagging school and pretending to be ill in bed.

It's a dope edit as one might expect from the man that did this and this and this.