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31 October 2011

Our Shoe Hero

Mr Hardcastle is a pervert of shoes and furniture. He spends most of his time scouring the net to feed his fetish. Stalking ebay and finding new designers to pounce on. When he's not doing this, he edits. And now some folks over at Shots Awards 2011 have nominated him for 'Editor of the Year' as well as nominating his brilliant Intel 'Chase' spot for 'Tv Commercial of the Year'.

We think he should win because he's a bloody brilliant editor with a lust for leather and lamps and that's truly something special.

28 October 2011

Ark Music Selection - Rustie "Ultra Thizz"

Welcome to the first in a regular series of fine tracks selected by guest contributor Dominic Goodman of Ark Music. Take it away Dom!

I like Rustie. I liked his Bad Science EP on Wireblock, his single with Joker on Kapsize, his Inside Pikachus track from the Warp 20 album. When I first heard about the “aquacrunk” scene to which Rustie was attributed, for a short while I thought of cashing in and starting an Aquacrunkercize™ class in one of London’s trendy high end gyms. It would be like a cyber “Perfect” with me at the helm. Sadly it never happened. What did happen is Rustie signed to Warp and we now finally have his debut album. It’s good. Have a listen to the above link, then go and buy the album so he has some money to make more music.


18 October 2011

Discover our Hood

Check out this Phil Maxwell exhibition at the Bishopsgate Institution, running till November 30th. The show includes photos from his youth years in Liverpool to his later life in good old East London. His collection is an impressive archive of the working East London street Life, documenting the communities that continue to inhabit the area. Definitely worth a visit!

Bishopsgate Institute
230Bishopsgate, EC2M 4QH

17 October 2011

Mr. Motor Man

Paul Hardcastle doesn't possess the necessary skills to earn a driving license for 4 wheels, hence he opts for 2 wheels, riding around London on his moped showing off his shiny shoes to the undiscerning public, whilst his scarf stylishly flutters in the wind. I don't think he even likes cars, yet he's become the Trim King of car ads. They just keep on comin at him and he keeps on wheelin them out.

Here's a couple of the spots he's kept under his bonnet for a while!

Ford Grand C-Max - In Your Hands
Director: Asif Mian (1stAveMachine)
Agency: Ogilvy
Production Company: Stink
Producer: Fran Thompson
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Infinity M Hybrid - Remember
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Smuggler, Los Angeles
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Producer: David Hoogenakker
DOP: Joost Van Gelder
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Citroen - Bubble
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Stink, Paris
DOP: Linus Sandgren
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Audi A6, Manipulation
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Stink
Producer: Ben Croker
DP: Joost Van Gelder
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Mercedes - Unchained
Director: Adam Berg
Production Company: Smuggler
Agency: Merkley Newman Harty
Agency Producer: Alex Kobak
Creative Director: Andy Hirsch

14 October 2011

Paul's Breakdown

Finally we can reveal the directors cut for Adam Berg's Talk Talk commercial!

Earlier this year in April, Paul Hardcastle locked himself away in his suite for two weeks and listened to 'Unchained Melody, non-stop. We wondered if he had finally cracked or if he was having some 'good time' with Demi Moore. It turned out he was cutting Adam Berg's cosy ad for Talk Talk, featuring an array of cute characers. It's a mixture of live action, stop-frame clay animation and 3D animation, to create a beautiful piece that reflects all the emotion in the original Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze scene. Kind of.

Director: Adam Berg

Production company: Stink

Producer: Ben Croker
Agency: CHI & Partners, London

Executive Creative Director: Warren Moore

Creatives: Matt Collier, Wayne Robinson

Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Post-production: Glassworks

12 October 2011

Woop Woop Tom!

Trim's Tom Lindsay is in contention for the 6th year running at the 2011 MVA awards.

His cut for Saam's Tom Vek video, as always, is up against some heavy-weight-comp-eti-tion.

Also Trim regulars Daniel Wolfe and Saam Farahmand are nestled together in the best director category, whilst Tim Francis goes for seconds as Best Producer and Bob Harlow takes on the Best New Director competition

Good luck everyone!

10 October 2011

Missing Our Deals Will Haunt You

Dom was recently re-united with his buddies Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith (Hammer and Tongs) to cut this beautifully shot hair-raising ad for Phones 4 U. Sadly it's proved to be controversial as the bored sector of the British public have been wetting their pants over it, because its just too damn scary...boo hoo. Little do they know that the ad had to be re-shot as the original spot was deemed too horrifying by the client (I'll leave it to your imagination). Keep an eye out for another upcoming cinematic ad from the 'Incredible Three'.

Director: Garth Jennings
Production Company: Hammer and Tongs
Producer: Nick Goldsmith
Agency: Adam and Eve
Creative: Aidan McClure and Laurent Simon
TV Producer: Leila Bartlam
Post Production: Prime Focus /MPCVFX
Producer: Tareq Kubaisi

06 October 2011


This beautifully shot (Chris Doyle) and enchanting extended spot for Nationwide was directed by the lovely Eric Lynne and cut by Dominic Leung. It's certainly the most exciting bank ad we've seen in ages!

Whats more exciting though, is the number of avocados that were consumed by Eric Lynne over the course of the edit. I can confirm that out of all the directors that walk into Trim HQ, no doubt he has the best sheen and his digestive system is probably in good order too.

Director: Eric Lynne
Production Company: Partizan
Producer: Miranda Johnstone
Agency: 18 Feet and Rising
Creatives: Johnny Leathers, Matt Keon
DP: Chris Doyle
Editor: Dominic Leung
Post Production: MPC