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28 October 2011

Ark Music Selection - Rustie "Ultra Thizz"

Welcome to the first in a regular series of fine tracks selected by guest contributor Dominic Goodman of Ark Music. Take it away Dom!

I like Rustie. I liked his Bad Science EP on Wireblock, his single with Joker on Kapsize, his Inside Pikachus track from the Warp 20 album. When I first heard about the “aquacrunk” scene to which Rustie was attributed, for a short while I thought of cashing in and starting an Aquacrunkercize™ class in one of London’s trendy high end gyms. It would be like a cyber “Perfect” with me at the helm. Sadly it never happened. What did happen is Rustie signed to Warp and we now finally have his debut album. It’s good. Have a listen to the above link, then go and buy the album so he has some money to make more music.