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30 August 2012

O2 / Nike+ 'The Circle'

Back in May we had the pleasure of working with (whatup)AG Rojas (& producer Shirley O'Connor) on a hush hush project. Now the secret is out and O2 / Nike+ have launched Priority Sports. Featuring an omnipresent blue circle and an authentic blend of cool kids and olympic athletes, AG has created something both intimate and epic. More crucialy, AG passed the Peanut test and the two became fast friends.

Agency: VCCP
Editor: Dominic Leung

25 August 2012

Major Lazer 'Get Free'

As you can imagine, we hear a lot of music at Trim, but this years sweetest sounds drifted out of Tom's suite when SoMe was in town to cut Major Lazer's 'Get Free' video. Captured with SoMe's trademark "Effortless Vibes" lens, the video is a surprisingly melancholic take on Jamaican dancehall. See if you can spot Beenie  Man rocking his new Sheikh look. Right who's up for some daggering?
Director: SoMe @ Somesuch & Co.
Label: Mad Decent
Editor: Tom Lindsay

21 August 2012

Guinness "Paint The Town Black"

Daniel Wolfe & Dominic Leung have teamed up once again, this time to tackle the rich legacy of Guinness ads. This "Wolfian" update was filmed on location in Transylvania with a cast of 350 locals and 2000kg of black goo. Beautifully shot by by AndrĂ© Chemetoff and energetically soundtracked by Fanfare Ciocarlia, the film tells the story of a town that paints itself black in celebration of Arthur's Day. Here we proudly present the directors cut.

Director: Daniel Wolfe @ Somesuch&Co.
Producer: Dougal Meese
Editor: Dominic Leung

13 August 2012

BBC Radio 1Xtra

We want a freaky double headed mini me hoodie, I'm sure you will too. Here is Gus Herdman's edit for   BBC Radio 1Xtra directed by Unknown at Passion Raw.

Director: UNKNOWN
Production Company: Passion Raw
Producer: Paul Coward
Agency: Karmarama
Editor: Gus Herman

06 August 2012

Assasins Creed

To celebrate getting rid of the yankees on America's Independence, Paul, Gus and the Vikings pioneered together to make a beautiful cinematic bit of period patriotic slice of 4th of July pumpkin pie... mmm pumpkin pie....

Director: The Vikings
Producer: Eriks Krumins
Production Company: Friend
Agency: Sid Lee Paris
VFX: Electric Theatre
DP: Justin Brown
Editor: Paul Hardcastle

02 August 2012

Sushi Song

Here is everyone's favourite music video pimp, Adam Buxton's second video for his telly Bug show. Directed by the lovely bubbly David Wilson and edited by Leila Sarraf.  In Adam's own words 'the most offensively racist and sexist video about Sushi ever with a kind of lardy, hairy, Ewok man in the middle." Enjoy!

Director - David Wilson
Producer - Tamsin Glasson
Production Company - Colonel Blimp
DOP - Ben Todd
Edited by Leila Sarraf