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30 April 2010

The XX

When Tom Lindsay and Saam got together to cut 'Islands' for The XX it took them a record 2 hours to complete. By Tom's own admission it's not really about the edit. Even so, decisions like the simple hard cuts work really well, and are pretty much Saam / Tom signatures.

The choreography, subtle narrative, and even motion control vs a grip are topics that have cyber chins wagging online in geekville. But we just think it's beautiful.

Production Company: Partizan London
Producer: Ben Sullivan
Director: Saam Farahmand
Cinematographer: Will Bex @ Wizzo & Co
Art Director: Ed Butcher @ The Design Set
Choreographer: Supple Nam @ Kryptic Movement
Editor: Tom Lindsay @ Trim
VFX Artist: Chris Bristow @ Munky

Dom's D&AD Editing Nomination

Plan B's "Stay Too Long" video directed by Daniel Wolfe and edited by Dominic Leung has been nominated in the D&AD awards editing category.

Trim's had an ongoing involvement in the Daniel Wolfe/ Plan B partner ship, and between us we've cut 3 videos and one live performance piece. We're pretty blown away by the talent that is Plan B, and are always up for seeing what he does next.

For those of you who missed our blog entry about the video back in December, you can watch it here:

Director: Daniel Wolfe Editor: Dominic Leung

If you'd like to see all the nominations, here they are:

29 April 2010

Leila is Back in town.

We've been enjoying having our super cool assistant Leila back this week. It's not often we have people off work because of a volcano. That will be one to tell the great grand children one day...

Welcome back Leila.

26 April 2010

Tom Lindsay's Lego Cut

Most of our Trim editors probably had their first Lego set in the 80's or 90's, when Lego had already been a toy staple for over 30 years. This charming spot from Nexus takes us right back to our Lego golden years.

Tom Lindsay cut this for RBG6 at Nexus, created through BBH New York. It kind of makes us want to build our own Lego town! Wonder what a Lego edit suite would look like...with a little tiny Lego Avid....?

Client: LEGO

Title: House

Length: 1 x 30sec

Agency: BBH New York

Exec. Creative Director: Kevin Roddy

Creative Team: Joakim Saul / Maja Fernqvist

Agency Producer: Orlee Tartarka

Account Manager: Neil Smith

Production Company: Nexus

Director: RBG6

Executive Producer: Cedric Gairard

Head of Production: Julia Parfitt

Producer: Luke Youngman

Production Manager: Jo Bierton

Animation: Nexus

Animators: Tobias Fouracre, Dana Behrman, Matthew Cooper

VFX Supervisor: Jerome Lionard

Director of Photography: Tristan Oliver

Editor: Tom Lindsay at Trim

Grade: Jean-Clement Soret at MPC

Sound Design: Brian Emrich

Music: APM ‘Cirque du Soleil’

17 April 2010

Trim affected by Volcano!

Trim's Dominic Leung has just made it back from Amsterdam where he was stranded with a Nexus Productions team. In desperation to return to the cutting room in Bethnal Green they got a man with a van to drive them across Holland, Belgium and France to the Euro tunnel. Now that's dedication.

Here's a pic of Dom's traveling mate Mat (of Fx & Mat director duo, Nexus Productions) outside E17 snack, which is in Belgium not Walthamstow. Dom kept their spirits up by teaching them "I Spy".

Further afield Trim assistant Leila Sarraf is stranded in Egypt. With no chance of a flight until next Saturday, Dom says "Good luck Leila! The last time that volcano errupted it went on for 2 years!"

We're keeping our fingers crossed and looking at the very clear blue skies.

15 April 2010

Spring on Weavers Field- Trim's very own park *

*Kind of

Now that spring is in the air it makes complete sense that we have our very own park. Ok, so we share it with the rest of Bethnal Green and Shoreditch, but that's just a testament to our generosity. Weaver's Field, which is conveniently located on our doorstep, offers us a lovely view from Tom's edit suit, and from our meeting/ breakfast table.

Named quite unambiguously after it's Weaving heritage, the park has historical links with the French Huguenot weavers. Many Huguenots, who'd fled religious persecution in France, lived in the houses on Darbyshire street where Trim is now located. You'll often see metal roundels depicting scissors, bobbins or buttons, on the pavements around here celebrating their waeving heritage.

More current on Weaver's Field is this year's annual Baishakhi Mela, celebrating Bengali New Year, which takes place on the 9th of May. There's always a fairground and plenty of Bengali performances that carry on into the night, followed by fireworks. So if you're working here on that weekend , and you finish cutting late, you could always go on the Booster or the Walzer.

Now that the weather's getting warmer we feel a Trim picnic in the air...Well in a month or so anyway. Watch this space.

12 April 2010

Lunch hour graffiti spotting

We've noticed one or two bits of new street art near Trim that aren't just tags. On Club Row you encounter a giant squirrel looming over you.

On Hanbury Street this giant lady stands over a doorway.

07 April 2010

Gus Herdman's Stella Spot

Stella's latest campaign is dedicated to Cannes film festival which takes place this year from the 12th to the 23rd of May. Focusing on the character Jaques D'Azur who has mysteriously disappeared, the campaign invites you to inherit his week at Cannes.

Gus Herdman edits Plan B "Writing's On the Wall"

When Plan B's "Writing's on the Wall" video came out on Youtube it was the number one hit for 2 days running. Trim editor Gus Herdman says he couldn't have predicted it's popularity when he cut the video for Daniel Wolfe at Partizan. Although the pair had worked on some equally popular live performance cuts, it was still a nice surprise, "I guess I underestimated the power of Youtube" says Gus modestly.

Shot at London's famous Cafe de Paris, it features a stylish crowd ranging from rockabillies to break-dancers. The video is a classic performance piece, showcasing Plan B's charasmatic on-stage personality, and Daniel's talent for capturing the moment. As one of our regular directors , we're chuffed to have been working with him again recently.

We also think Gus has done a great job on this, and we can't wait to see what he does next.

Gus also cut this live session for Plan B.

01 April 2010

Dom edits Stella Artois "Cannes Journey"

Trim's Dominic Leung just cut this glamorous spot with HSI London director Thomas Napper. Evoking the classic allure of Cannes, from sunlit boulevards and vintage cars to the red carpet, the commercial was in fact shot in LA, before being brought back to London. The art direction, silky smooth French voiceover, and cinematic score give the ad a distinctive mid 20th century feel. The creative team behind the spot were at Mother in East London. The ad features no people or animals because it was made for the Russian market, where the depiction of both is banned from alcohol advertising.

Dom combined four shots into one seamless journey, aided by post from Prime Focus London.