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17 April 2010

Trim affected by Volcano!

Trim's Dominic Leung has just made it back from Amsterdam where he was stranded with a Nexus Productions team. In desperation to return to the cutting room in Bethnal Green they got a man with a van to drive them across Holland, Belgium and France to the Euro tunnel. Now that's dedication.

Here's a pic of Dom's traveling mate Mat (of Fx & Mat director duo, Nexus Productions) outside E17 snack, which is in Belgium not Walthamstow. Dom kept their spirits up by teaching them "I Spy".

Further afield Trim assistant Leila Sarraf is stranded in Egypt. With no chance of a flight until next Saturday, Dom says "Good luck Leila! The last time that volcano errupted it went on for 2 years!"

We're keeping our fingers crossed and looking at the very clear blue skies.