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18 April 2012

Ready to Run?

Bob Harlow has run back to Trim, this time working with Ross Hallard and his muse Peanut on a storming Adidas campaign. A moody piece that bursts into life and accelerates into oblivion with a great track. We likey.

Director: Bob Harlow
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Producer:Rachel Dargavel
Editor: Ross Hallard

12 April 2012

Feel Better Energy

Dominic Leung and director Nick Gordon have come together once more for the latest uplifting EDF campaign thats got everyone cooing, because of a dancing blob. We love the ad but even more we love these youtube comments:

"That poo has the skillz to pay his edf energy bills!!"

"It's not a turd lol its a flame as its an energy ad :)"

"the cat is all like wat da fuck?? whys my shit goin past me? i left dat shit in my kitty litter :S"

"If yr feeling down just watch this ad and it makes u smile, i think im addicted to watching it lol."

"omg i love this advert ive watched it like 500 times crnt get enough of it! lol its joke want one of thoes keepon tings blud!!"


Director: Nick Gordon
Producer: Lucy Kelly
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Agency: AMV BBDO
Creatives: Andy Booth, Jim Seath
Editor: Dominic Leung