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24 July 2010

Arnold Circus Centenary, Shoreditch

Last weekend was the centenary of Arnold Circus, which is the roundabout/band-stand situated in the heart of the Boundary Estate, round the back of Bethnal Green Road. The whole area is changing at a startling rate; from being the UK's first community housing back in the late 1890's, through to near decimation during WWII, and the race riots of the 70's, the area now plays host to countless galleries, private members clubs, bars, restaurants and ad agencies. We just heard that new planning permission has been given to erect a 20 storey building next to the Tea Buildings, which will play host to a new shopping centre and above which will be the obligatory luxury condos. Love it or loathe it, the development of the area is so fast, it's breathtaking to behold.

The Arnold Circus centenary was a splendid affair; some great bands playing in the newly revamped band-stand, fantastic sweet treats and savouries on offer, and a very valiant ping pong match between locals and guests - with most of the points being claimed by the gusts of wind which cut through the 30 degree heat.

Wikipedia has a page on the Old Nichol, which includes the Boundary Estate, it's a good read - you can see it here

We saw these fantastic flyers being handed out, which give a backstory to the area, and are beautifully illustrated.

Side one is the changes through the ages. And side two gives stories to each of the numbers on the illustrations. Text by Archie Guiver, Illustrations by Adam Dant

Click on the pics to see them large scale.

23 July 2010

Grinderman Trailer

Nick Cave's rock band Grinderman are releasing their latest album Album "Grinderman ll" and this trailer marks the auspicious occasion in a suitably rock n' roll style. It's directed by John Hillcoat who has collaborated with Cave for years; they went to art school together in melbourne. John also directed "The Proposition", written by Cave and recently the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road", starring Viggo Mortensen.

Tom Lindsay cut this and a video will follow very soon. RAWCK!

Director: John Hillcoat
Producer: Malachy McAnenny
Production Company: Factory Films
DoP: Steve Annis
Editor: Tom Lindsay
Commissioner: John Moule

21 July 2010


Here's a sneak preview of some of Julia Corsaro's amazing party pictures. More will follow next week on Trim's Facebook page. We love the prism effect, it's exactly how we remember it...

19 July 2010

Ross cuts McLaren

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button display all the enthusiasm of little boys when they visit a McLaren storage facility jam packed full of racing cars. Director Henry Mason's use of subtle slow-mo enhances that dreamy 'can't quite belive I'm here' feeling. Ross, as ever, has delivered an effortless cut.

Director: Henry Mason
Editor: Ross Hallard
Producer: Rhun Francis
Production Company: Stink
Agency: Work Club

15 July 2010

Party Diary // Gossip

So last night's Rokkit/ Trim party, went down in style. The Bathhouse was absolutely heaving by the time this little Trim Blogger arrived around 10pm. Trim's own PR aficionado Naz Foroodian was whirlwinding around in a pair of spectacular black velvety suede wedges, meeting, greeting and hugging.

Inside people guzzled complimentary cocktails and danced to solid beats, with a dash of poptastic something. Dom had apparently started off the music in style with an early set. Tom, Ross and Paul could be spotted on the dancefloor, along with Stink director Gaelle Denis who's known for her very, very good animation. All were looking gorgeous and enjoying the contrast of old Victorian Turkish Bathhouse and storming party.

Nearby, musician and singer Mara Carlyle, who's playing at Latitude festival this weekend, was chatting to editor Julia Knight and actress/ writer Sophie Woolley. All were wearing posh frocks, which we think is entirely fabulous. Sophie recently starred as Gabby in Channel 4's Cast Offs and has a cult following for her own darkly comic shows. This Friday at 11pm she's apparently making a rare appearance as herself on radio 4, taking about what things sound like now that she's gone deaf. Not that she was plugging it, she was too busy dancing, cocktail in hand. New animation director Sam Mason was also there. Sam recently completed his stunning student film Wild Robot at St Martins, and it includes music by his equally talented brother Willy Mason. And there was a lot of talent present; director and photographer Borkur Sigthorsson danced past and told us he's working on projects in Iceland and London over the coming months. There was also a large Nexus contingent, although they were having so much fun we never actually caught up with them properly. But we did chat briefly to producer Daniella Steadman from Love who seemed to be working very hard. Leila and Gus on the other hand were enjoying the party too much to think of work. "I'm on the V.I.P table!" enthused Gus, with a princely gesture designed to invite us to join his very nice (but kinda identical to all the rest) table. Finally Julia Stephenson of Short and Sweet, London's weekly short film evening, told us she's hosting the UK's First ever 3D Stereoscopic film festival launching on Friday (Yes with 3D GLASSES and everything!). We are excited.

Thanks everyone who made the party fantastic. Thanks Naz, thanks Girlcore. Hope to see many of you soon at Trim!

Photographer Julia Corsaro will soon provide her pics of the night. Until then, check out her fab work here: http://www.juliacorsaro.com/

14 July 2010

Trim / Rokkit Party... TONIGHT!!

08 July 2010

A Stella for Gus Please!

Mother has teamed director Agustin Alberdi with Marina and the Diamonds to create this standout spot for Stella. Gus cut this, and it seems he enjoyed himself in the process.

"It was the same team [as the last Stella job] so we had the formula cracked. The challenge was that virtually every shot had some aspect of post work that needed roughly working out in the offline. Overall it was great fun"

Director: Agustin Alberdi
Producer: Richard Fenton
Production: Company Stink
Agency Creative Team: Hermeti Balarin & Ana Balarin at Mother
Editor: Gus Herdman

Any Murray- Street Tennis

Andy Murray's not much of a talker in this piece for sports label HEAD, but he sure can hit a ball.
We love that it was all shot in our hood around Shoreditch and East London.

Director: Henry Mason Editor: Ross Hallard Producer: Rhun Francis Production Company: Stink

Visit the HEAD website here.