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30 April 2010

The XX

When Tom Lindsay and Saam got together to cut 'Islands' for The XX it took them a record 2 hours to complete. By Tom's own admission it's not really about the edit. Even so, decisions like the simple hard cuts work really well, and are pretty much Saam / Tom signatures.

The choreography, subtle narrative, and even motion control vs a grip are topics that have cyber chins wagging online in geekville. But we just think it's beautiful.

Production Company: Partizan London
Producer: Ben Sullivan
Director: Saam Farahmand
Cinematographer: Will Bex @ Wizzo & Co
Art Director: Ed Butcher @ The Design Set
Choreographer: Supple Nam @ Kryptic Movement
Editor: Tom Lindsay @ Trim
VFX Artist: Chris Bristow @ Munky