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18 February 2011

Radiohead 'Lotus Flower'

Keeping secrets are fuking hard, especially when you're Leila Sarraf and you've just edited a Radiohead video with the bleeming lovely Garth Jennings along with an afternoon doing changes with Thom Yorke, only to be told that you can't tell a soul until it's released...4/5 weeks laters. Everytime she got drunk, the secret would bubble up inside of her and the only solution would be to take herself home, before she stood on top of the bar and screamed it out.

And now it's finally disclosed and she can sleep again and everyone else can enjoy the brilliantly refreshing sight of Thom Yorke throwing sexy hard ass moves that would make Beyonce blush. It's beautiful, it's simple, it's raw, its absolute genius.

Director: Garth Jennings
DP: Nick Wood
Choreographer: Wayne McGregor
Editor: Leila Sarraf