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07 December 2010

Gurn Baby Gurn

Lets take a trip down memory lane, back to the early 90's, when acid house was cool and pills were dropped like candy. The maestro of the year, Daniel Wolfe has re-created this blindingly authentic messy rave for Chase and Status's new fookin brilliant tune 'Blind Faith'. All those years of jaw grinding for Trim's Dominic Leung finally paid off, as Wolfe insisted he was the only man fit for the job. Boy done good....real good.

We think both this video and song are gonna go down a storm, bringing nostalgic tears to everyone in their late 30's and making all the 20 year old trend setters swap their hareem pants for a Gio Goi getup!

Update: We are no longer allowed to show you the directors cut.
The record company have pulled it (no explanation). So in the meanwhile please enjoy the shorter (compromise) cut or even better, follow us on Twitter, then direct message us saying 'I have to watch the Chase and Status directors cut NOW' and we'll send you a secret password so you can access it on vimeo!

Director: Daniel Wolfe
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Producer: Tim Francis
DP: Lol Crawley
Editor: Dominic Leung@ Trim