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16 December 2010

The Hunting Moon

Not so long ago, Ross Hallard had some serious, geeky editing fun, working on a new horror trailer for Culex Films release 'The Hunting Moon'.

Picture this; four British students travelling through Africa and up to 2000 people a day keep dying around them. The Sun says it's 'Absolutely terrifying'- no bleemin doubt it is, because it's actually TRUE. Culex is not really a film company, but a form of deadly mosquito that's eradicating lives throughout the continent. Created by Red Bee Media and directed by Robert Samuels (www.superrocketman.com), the 'Hunting Moon' trailer is a super innovative, online campaign for Malaria No More UK, that has been tweeted and web featured by the likes of David Beckham and Andy Murray.

Visit the website to find out more about this deadly killer.

Director: Robert Samuels
Agency: Red Bee Media
Producer: Sarah Caddy and Ann Marie Small
DP: Andrew Kuchanny
Editor: Ross Hallard@ Trim