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14 December 2010

She Loves Beef

Those creative folk at Wieden and Kennedy have launched a super addictive music-making app for the new Nokia N8 smart phone as part of their 'It's not technology, it's what you do with it' campaign.

To demonstrate it's potent potential, director Kim Gehrig took to the poodle parlours of Shanghai, adopting the talents of multi-coloured poodles getting pimped up like trannies. Back in blighty, Trim's Tom Lindsay took the visuals under his wing and created a loop style edit to further emboss the apps idea and reflect the looping soundtrack which was created entirely on-set using the phone! Yes that's a big loopy loopy WOW...(lets just hope iphone make their own version eh!).

Director: Kim Gehrig
Production Company: Academy Films
Agency: Wieden and Kennedy
Producer: Dom Thomas
DP: Ross McLennan
Post: MPC
Editor: Tom Lindsay@Trim