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02 February 2012

Big head Little Body

This hilarious music video for Beardyman's single 'Big Man' was directed by MindPenis, the brain/phallus combo of Chris Cairns & Ross McDowell. Trim's very own intellectual/imbecilic double-act, Gus Herdman & Ross Hallard, joined the duo in the cutting room to create this parody of tragic middle-class white kids playing gangsters, puffing on Bensons grasping their crotches - big balls and all that.

The video was shot on location in and around Chris' flat in Stokey and even features Trim's beloved horny bitch, Peanut. We especially like the exploding Trim sign in the titles, every post company's dream.

Directors: MindPenis - Chris Cairns and Ross 'The Boss' McDowell
Production Company: Partizan
Producer: Ben Murray and Chris Cairns
Edited by Ross Hallard and Gus Herdman@ Trim