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24 February 2012

Coke Marathon

1568 days, 409 quicktimes, 47 bottles of prosecco, 1367 biscuits, 18816 cups of coffee, 1 huge live event and Trim finally polished off its biggest project to date; the Coke Olympics campaign, directed by the gorgeous Kim Gehrig!

The mammoth campaign involving a 1 hour documentary, concert visual, 2 music videos, numerous commercials and endless music editing started in August 2011 and has involved everyone at Trim at one point or another, apart from Paul who managed to slip through the net.

For nearly a year Kim Gehrig has been non stop working, traveling around the world for 3 months with her dedicated crew, including the fantastic DP Ross Mclennan and her producer Lucy Kelly, filming an array of athletes whilst following Mark Ronson on his momentous steps to creating the 2012 Olympic 'Move to Beat' record. This then accumulated towards an impressive live event/mini festival next door to the Olympic Stadium bringing the entire project to life. All this before setting up home at Trim HQ, running around between suites, cutting the doc with Jerry Chater and Tom Hemmings then skipping over to Tom Lindsay who was in charge of the music video, commercials and music edit.

A 30 minute edit of the documentary was broadcast on Channel 4 on Wednesday 15 February and will be available for further viewing on 4OD later this spring. Be sure to check it out!