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29 November 2010

Luc Janin gets all sticky with Converse

In this latest Converse / Footlocker ad, Luc Janin recruited Europe's most eminent tape art graffiti artists, No Curves and Almir, to do a spot of gaffer taping around London's east end.

Shot over two days, docu style, this urban little number demonstrates the hours of fun you can have messing with the cities architecture, to create some clever installations, all whilst wearing Converse of course!

Agency: Sapient nitro
Creative Director: Ben Callis
Creative:Olly Farrington, Neil Richardson
Tv Producer Lindsay Moyes
Production Company: Annex Films
Director: Luc Janin
Producer: Hans Elias
Photography: Richard Stewart
Post Production: Time Based Arts/Mike Skrgatic
Editor: Tom Lindsay @ Trim