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14 October 2010

Jamie Thraves' Feature Film Wins Dinard!

Over the past few months at Trim, Tom Lindsay and Ross Hallard have been industriously cutting together Jamie Thraves' new film 'Treacle Jr'. Starring Aidan Gillen and Tom Fisher, it's a buddy film of the highest order, following in the fine tradition of classics such as Schlesinger's Midnight Cowboy. Time Out gave it a glowing 4 star review, calling it "Funny, touching and gritty, a coolly rendered observation on need and rejection [it] really is a Brit drama to shout about."

After a difficult experience on his last studio film, Jamie decided to produce the next one on his own terms. Re-mortgaging his house and pulling in friends, family and loyal crew; he made Treacle Jr at breakneck speed and for peanuts.

An amazing accomplishment in itself, but doubly rewarded by being a rather amazing piece of work too. It's classic Thraves in many ways; great performances, fantastic dialogue and a bitter sweet ending.

In a total shocker last week, Treacle Jr drew for top prize at the 21st Dinard Festival for British Film. Previous esteemed winners have included Shallow Grave, The Full Monty, The Girl With The Pearl Earring, London To Brighton and Billy Elliot

It is also playing at the London Film Festival from 21st October. You can book tickets here, though hurry it's almost sold out!!

You can check out pictures from the film and other info at its facebook page here.

A full list of credits can be seen here.