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09 September 2010

Dom to run Berlin Marathon!

To dispel the myth that editors are weak creatures barely capable of slithering from their desks to gab a fry-up from the local caf, Dom is running the Berlin Marathon on 26 Sept. Harriet (Baz) Cawley and Kenny Shynola will be Dom's trusty team mates. Team GB will be blazing to glory as well as raising money for heart screening for young people through the Gideon Baws Memorial Fund at CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young). Many of you will remember our good friend Gideon who sadly died in 2008 of sudden heart failure at the age of 33.
Dom has been training hard over the past few months, most notably with local Shoreditch based running club Run Dem Crew www.rundemcrew.com. RDC is headed by the charismatic and energetic Charlie Dark; poet, musician, teacher, sportsman, there are few things this guy can't do. A motley crew of creative types who love to run, the club meet at pop up Nike store 1948 on Batemans Row every Tuesday evening. Steamed into four ability groups Cheetahs, Greyhounds, Hares and tortoises, the club is very inclusive and champions the East End's urban environment as a great running space. This is after all the land of the 2012 Olympics.
Please support Team GB by making a small donation if you can. We have surpassed our target but we'd like to aim for double as it's a great cause.