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28 September 2010

Happy Inside

Cats, cats, cats - thats the theme of the new brilliant Ikea ad, directed by Adam Berg with the brains of Creative agency, Mother. Edited by Trim’s Paul Hardcastle, this sweet and stylish campaign sees a 100 cats let loose in the Ikea Wembley store in London. The feline creatures run around, exploring, fighting, hiding and finally settling into a snug nestle of sleep- as you do.

“The idea behind the work is that cats know better than anything what makes them feel happy inside, they live their lives in pursuit of their own comfort," said Feh Tarty, creative director at Mother.

The ad is part of a bigger campaign, which includes an online 'guess the cat's favourite furniture' competition, a 'making of' documentary and a hilarious short documentary about the somewhat crazy cat owners, edited by Trim's Gus Herdman (watch this space).

Agency: Mother, London
Creative Director: Feh Tarty
Production Company: Stink
Director: Adam Berg
DOP: Richard Stewart
Producer: Ben Croker
Post Production: Absolute
ditor: Paul Hardcastle