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25 March 2010

Ross Hallard edits "Mowzer" by Joshua J. Richards

Trim editor Ross Hallard cut Mowzer, a 12 minute short directed by Joshua J Richards.

A beautifully shot and highly visual film, Mowzer is autobiographical. Although it was shot in Cornwall near St Just, the atmospheric isolation in the film suggests a remote island. Originally there was a town scene as well, but Josh and Ross chose to cut this out. They both think the film is better for it . Josh says "It's visually much stronger. There are so many shorts out there. I always remember the most visual ones."

A charasmatic performance from family friend turned child actor Daniel Hoblyn is the lynchpin of the short. As a first time actor, Josh chose to direct Daniel in an inntuative style, revealing very little about the story or the emotional responses he was looking for. This almost documentary style approach meant that much of the film was edited from captured moments rather than acted scenes.

It seems that both director and editor enjoyed the editing process. Josh said of working with editor Ross: "Ross was legendary really. I doubt I'm easy to work with. He was very patient."

In a macarbe twist of fate Josh found one of the film's key props lying by the side of the road in the dead of night. It won't take you long to work out which piece of art department it was.

More of Josh's directing work here: (link to follow soon)

Written, Produced & Directed by Joshua J. Richards
Starring Daniel Hoblyn & Anna Munden
Cinematography by Edward Lovelace
Edit & Sound Design by Ross Hallard
Original Score Composed & Performed by Richard Durrant