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10 March 2010

A Stylish Trim for Trim

"Style is a simple way of saying complicated things."
Jean Cocteau

The sheer glamour of being an editor is one of the trade's best kept secrets. Style in the cutting room is an integral but subtle ingredient; though rarely given it's dues, it enriches and refines the end product. Don't believe us? Well, ask yourself: Do you want to be shut in a dark room with the unsightly, the ungroomed, the downright frightening? No! Of course not! Luckily at Trim we understand that your eyes are hard working, and we try to go easy on them. With that in mind we've been having in-house haircuts courtesy of Benjamin David (www.benjamin-david-hairstylist.blogspot.com). Every single one of us. (Except Peanut the dog. That would be silly).

While all our cuts have been a success (as always), Leila Sarraf and Gus Herdman really stand out. Leila, a budding editor and general virtuoso who's recently joined us, can be seen doing just about everything at Trim. She's likely to greet you when you arrive. And there's not much Gus can't do, as he proved recently with a standout edit for Stella Artois. We're hoping to get Leila cutting her own jobs soon too. Here they both are looking freshly coiffed.

For a brand new barnet of your own contact Benjamin David (www.benjamin-david-hairstylist.blogspot.com). Don't forget to say hi from Trim!