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11 March 2010

Peanut the Dog

Trim would like to welcome Peanut, the latest addition to the company. She is a 16 week old Jack Russell puppy with a passion for sticks and chewy pig's ears. Her specialist skill is reminding bleary eyed visitors to enjoy a short walk on Weavers Fields.

Jack Russells are working terriers, not historically associated with editing. They were originally bred for fox hunting in the 19th century. But Peanut is unlikely to encounter any foxes at Trim, (Unless she delves into Tom Lindsay's back catalogue and finds that W.I.Z video for Dizzee Rascal.) Peanut was adopted from Battersea Dogs Home by editor Ross Hallard who joined Trim last summer. We are very pleased to have them both around.

We think of Peanut as Trim's answer to chef Rick Stein's famous mutt Chalky (R.I.P). Here she is enjoying a tasty gourmet stick.