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14 January 2010

Radio 4's History of the World

Just before Christmas, as the snow was falling and most sane people were putting their feet up, director W.I.Z. and editor Tom Lindsay were hard at work putting the finishing touches on some idents for BBC Radio 4's upcoming History of the World series. The 2 spots were produced by Red Bee in conjunction with Joe De Souza and Sam Walker at Fallon. Shot in Spain by Dan Landin, they mark a serious departure for W.I.Z., allowing him to apply his expertise outside of music video.



Director: W.I.Z.
Production Company: Red Bee
Producer: Caroline Hicks
Agency: Fallon
Creative Team: Joe De Souza and Sam Walker
DoP: Dan Landin
Editor: Tom Lindsay
Telecine: Seamus at The Mill
Post: Adam and Wes at The Mill