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10 May 2010

Paul's Hundred Lovers!

Watch the cut here or the interactive version at www.diesel.com/ahundredlovers

A Hundred Lovers directed by Arno Salters

Not so long ago the idea of a music video that you could pause, rewind or fast forward as you chose was the stuff of daydreams. For a few years the term "interactive" was nebulous, and often things making that claim were lacking in...erm...interaction! But a recent spate of clever online campaigns has made the daydream a reality. From ads that feature your own face to stories that incorporate your friends, social networking coupled with creative uses of technology have upped the ante significantly.

We hope you'll agree that this interactive music video “A Hundred Lovers” for Diesel's SS10 clothing Collection is up there with the best interactive videos. Directed by Arno Salters and cut by Paul Hardcastle, it features about 400 items of clothing and 50 dancers, which you can click on to find out more about an outfit, including it's price. The video, which simultaneously acts as a promo for British musician Josep Xorto, marks a new era in using brand advertising specifically as a vehicle to launch a musician alongside the product. Based on Jean-Luc Godard’s 1964 film "Band of Outsiders" it feels distinctively New Wave and makes great use of hard jump cuts and frame cutting.

To fully appreciate it, it's best viewed on the Diesel website, where "interactive" suddenly makes complete sense.