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03 June 2010

Dizzee's "Dirtee Disco" at No.1

Ross Hallard has just cut the video for Dizee Rascal's No. 1 hit "Dirty Disco", directed by Jamie Thraves at Factory. The simple premise, as Dizzee himself describes it in a making of vid on his Youtube, is of being able to have fun "anywhere". The idea makes for a joyful and celebratory video that defines the artist's intelligently tongue in cheek stance in the hip hop world.

While older people in videos have been known to give commissioners the heebeegeebees, Dirtystank records have taken the plunge here, and it really works. It's to Dizzee's credit that he's always been adventurous with his videos. The addition of DJ Derek, the infamous 68 year old legend who's been spinning vinyl for over 30 years at Glastonbury and all over, adds character and a bit of musical history to the mix.

Director: Jamie Thraves

Producer: Scott O'Donnell

Production company: Factory Films
DOP: Catherine Derry
Editor: Ross Hallard.